Edinburg Begins Efforts to Control Mosquitoes

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Mega Doctor News 

Edinburg Texas­-The City of Edinburg has begun the process to diminish the reproduction of mosquitoes. With the recent break in rainfall this weekend, crews began larviciding visible standing water through out the City.

Larviciding is an ecologically safe preventive method used to interrupt the development of larvae or pupa into adult mosquitoes. The process targets mosquitoes in their habitats where they reproduce, before they are biting adults.

This evening crews will also begin adulticiding (spraying) the northwest side and the southeast side of the City and will alternate morning and evening for two cycles. Crews will then re-evaluate the progress to determine if the process needs to continue. Crews will also continue to larvicide standing water not already treated.

As a reminder, residents are asked to assess their properties by checking containers around their homes that create a habitat for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. These containers should either be dumped out every three days, or covered to prevent the collection of water.

To be most effective, spraying is usually done at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

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