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Dr. Rajeev K. Mathavan is dedicated to Creating Awareness of Obesity

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By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez,

Publisher of Mega Doctor News,

Physicians that are now making a difference are the ones that have the love and the passion for their medical profession. Dr. Rajeev K. Mathavan of Sunrise Medical Clinic is one such doctor who is leaving his mark in the region helping people in different ways. He is one of the few medical doctors in the Rio Grande Valley that possesses multiple specialties. Dr. Mathavan was born in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the northern part of India.

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An interesting aspect of Dr. Mathavan’s life is that he and his family are part of the old marriage arrangement tradition. He said that in India, even today, the families arrange their children’s marriages. He stated, “My parents and my wife’s parents have known each other for many years, and they arranged a meeting between me and my wife.” He said, “It is still a practice in India where the parents arrange a meeting between the prospective bride and groom; if they like each other they proceed. If they do not like each other, then there is no obligation.”

I know that you will love this article; Dr. Mathavan is a unique individual that truly dedicates his knowledge and expertise to serve the people of the Rio Grande Valley.

On another matter, meet Dr. Tommy Yee, a neurologist that has been serving the Rio Grande Valley metropolitan area since 1979. He tackles the complexity of the nervous system. He has the training and the experience since he is board certified in neurology and has been solo practicing in McAllen for 36 years. I know that you will enjoy reading about his abilities as well.

Mega Doctor News also met with Dr. Potenciano Garcia, Jr. Dr. Garcia is a partner with Valley Pulmonary Group, which is comprised of a total of six distinguished physicians making the largest pulmonary group in the Rio Grande Valley. They are highly trained in multiple specialties with the highest combined experience in the Valley. If you have had an experience with difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, respiratory infections, or any inflammation that may disturb your breathing, this is the group of doctors to consult.

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In this issue we welcome Jason Phillips, MD. FASGE. This month he is a guest writer, however you will know more about him since we are working with him on a feature story that I know will be very interesting to you.

You can read his article in this issue about the most common prevention method for colon cancer, it is a screening colonoscopy, which typically begins around age 50. Enjoy!

Read about Dr. William Sandborn, Chief of the Division of Gastroenterology at UC San Diego Health System. He was able to diagnose the right treatment for what had become a severe pain and caused vomiting every time the patient ate.

I found the article interesting; it says that according to a new French study, men who prefer hotter foods tend to have higher testosterone levels than man who prefer mild foods. I don’t know if I want to try eating spicier food like Habanero or ‘chile seco’ for a Salsa Macha. I really have to think about this much longer before I do it. What is your opinion?

Flip though the pages of this issue and find out more.

I know that you will enjoy it! MDN

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