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DHR Health Brownsville Leads the Way in Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery

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Leading the Way in Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery: Dr. Rene Luna, Obstetrician & Gynecologist and Surgeon is joined by the skilled surgical team at DHR Health Brownsville during a groundbreaking series of surgeries at the newly opened hospital. From left to right, front row: Selena Torres, CST, Dr. Luna, and Janette Torres, CST; back row: Hector Marquez, RN, and Ruben Bujanos, CRNA. For information on the benefits of robotic surgery or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Luna to call (956) 630-2400.
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Brownsville, Texas – DHR Health stands at the forefront of minimally invasive robotic surgery in South Texas, exemplified by its Institute of Robotic Surgery, which successfully completes over 1,000 robotic cases annually. With the recent inauguration of DHR Health Brownsville, this advanced expertise in Minimally Invasive Surgical procedures is extending its reach to the lower Rio Grande Valley. In a groundbreaking milestone last month, Dr. Rene Luna conducted DHR Health Brownsville’s inaugural Robotic Surgery. Dr. Luna, a distinguished specialist in Robotic Surgical Gynecology, ranks among the state’s foremost robotic surgeons. His first case aimed at correcting and preserving a woman’s ability to start a family in the future, followed by another case addressing the urgent need for a life-saving hysterectomy in a woman beyond her reproductive years. The notable advantages of Dr. Luna’s procedures include same-day discharge for each patient, allowing them to recuperate in the comfort of their homes and experience a swift recovery with minimal pain and scarring

“DHR Health continues to lead the way in way in minimally invasive robotic surgery, bringing cutting-edge technology and expertise to our community. Our Institute of Robotic Surgery, under the skilled hands of Dr. Luna not only offers unparalleled precision but also provide our patients with the advantage of same-day discharge and a faster, less painful recovery,” said Marissa Castaneda, Senior Executive Vice-President of DHR Health.

Aida Coronado Garcia, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of DHR Health Brownsville, and a lifelong resident of the community, underscored the commitment of DHR Health Brownsville to provide world-class healthcare directly to local residents. She highlighted the efforts of Dr. Luna and the all the highly skilled physicians, nurses and staff at DHR Health Brownsville who are working in unison to usher in a new era of elevated healthcare. “Our goal for DHR Health Brownsville is to cultivate a healthier community, empowering it for continued growth and prosperity.”

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DHR Health Brownsville has already undertaken several robotic general surgical cases, ranging from gallbladder removal to hernia repair, with plans to conduct its inaugural robotic bariatric surgical case in the near future. While minimally invasive surgeries have been available in Brownsville, the introduction of the DHR Health Brownsville hospital signifies the establishment of a modern, state-of-the-art surgical hub in the area. This expertise is set to flourish, benefitting the community and fostering continued growth in the Rio Grande Valley.

“I am thrilled to extend services to Brownsville and its surrounding areas. Having the opportunity to bring the same world-class technology, enthusiasm, and expertise from DHR Health in Edinburg to the lower RGV area is truly exciting. This expansion aims to level the playing field for patients and their families, eliminating the need for extensive travel to access top-notch surgical care. Now, we can deliver exceptional healthcare in both the upper and lower regions of the RGV. DHR Health Brownsville Hospital is poised to bring great benefits to the community,” added Dr. Luna.

Patients seeking information about the benefits of robotic surgery or interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Luna are encouraged to call (956) 630-2400 to make an appointment.

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