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Publisher’s Word: Medical Field in the Valley Grows with Medical Newcomers

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As originally published by Mega Doctor News in its newsprint edition July 2018

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As the Rio Grande Valley grows its medical field, we meet more newcomers. Sometimes they just visit. However, they bring with them essential information of great value to other professionals in the arena of medicine.

Just recently, an extraordinary medical doctor became part of the faculty that brings continuing education to physicians and anyone in the medical profession.

Dr. Patricia J. Sulak lectured at the 26th Annual Rio Grande Valley Medical Education Conference & Exposition. The conference is designed to provide primary care physicians with authoritative information on the most up-to-date treatments for the health problems frequently encountered in their practice.

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She was one of the fourteen physicians providing valuable information to the physicians attending this symposium. She had two segments, in the first, she spoke about Wellness and the second topic was about Why People Die?

Dr. Sulak is also the author of a book titled “Should I Fire My Doctor? In this book, she brings to light eleven essentials to living well and aware.

She is all about taking you to another dimension of wellness and improving your quality of life. Her enthusiasm and the level of passion she brought to the symposium was contagious.

I had the pleasure of meeting her and learning from her the importance of moderation and the quality of life that we all should choose if we want to live a better, healthier, and longer life.

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During our conversation, she said that self-induced disease is killing America. I invite you to read more about her and to learn how she highlights our culture of nasty habits that impact our lives negatively.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Sepulveda and Dr. Calvo for inviting Mega Doctor News and for extending all courtesies to this medical publication once again.

On another matter, South Texas Health System announced the appointment of Charles (Chuck) Stark to the position of Regional Vice President in South Texas.  Mr. Stark will have regional responsibility for hospitals in the McAllen, Edinburg, Laredo, and Eagle Pass markets.

Medical Alert:  Be careful, beef jerky might not be the right food for you or your family. An analysis of more than 1,000 people with and without psychiatric disorders has shown that nitrates—chemicals used to cure meats such as beef jerky, salami, hot dogs, and other processed meat snacks—may contribute to mania, an abnormal mood state. Mania is characterized by hyperactivity, euphoria, and insomnia. More in this issue.

Welcome to Weslaco: Two experienced gastroenterologists, Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Dr. Valeska Balderas, have opened a new office in Weslaco near Knapp Medical Center, and are providing potentially life-saving colonoscopies and advanced gastroenterology procedures for Valley residents. More in this issue.

UTRGV Education: The School of Medicine welcomed 56 future medical doctors as the Class 2022. The UTRGV School of Medicine’s 56 newest students began their three-week orientation on Monday, July 9, at the UTRGV Medical Education Building on the Edinburg Campus.

The Class of 2022 is made up of 52 Texas residents who have matched, including 14 students from the Valley, further strengthening the School of Medicine’s ties to the community. (One of the School of Medicine’s key priorities is to contribute to the education, recruitment, and retention of physicians in the Valley and the rural communities of South Texas.) Four candidates are from out of state, some with strong ties to the Valley.

The 56 were selected from more than 4,100 applicants for admission to the UTRGV School of Medicine. Of those applicants, the School of Medicine interviewed 360 potential students.

Our Mega Story is about DHR’s new state-of-the-art imaging facility now open to the public. We have a unique feature story. Read more about Dr. Robert Martinez, Dr. Carlos J. Cardenas, and the director of the program, Dr. Carlos Garcia Cantu.




Stories in this issue:

Mega Doctor “Self-induced Disease is Killing America,” Dr. Patricia J. Sulak

BREAKING NEWS: Charles (Chuck) Stark Named Regional Vice President for South Texas

MEDICAL ALERT: Beef Jerky and Other Processed Meats Associated with Manic Episodes

Future Medical Doctors are Welcomed as Class 2022

Future Medical Doctors are Welcomed as Class 2022

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