Mesothelioma Cases are Steadily Increasing, Notes Mesothelioma Website

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In Order to Help the Large Number of Mesothelioma Victims, has Launched Some New Helpful Resources

HOUSTON, Oct. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —, a free online resource that is devoted to assisting people with mesothelioma, has just reported that mesothelioma cases are steadily increasing. Based on these grim new statistics, has launched some new resources that are designed to get victims of this serious disease the information and help that they need.

As a spokesperson for noted, around 2,500 people are now diagnosed with mesothelioma every year. Although this is a relatively small number in comparison to other forms of cancer, the numbers of cases have steadily increased.

One reason these numbers are going up, notes the spokesperson, is that mesothelioma can take such a long time to incubate in the human body. In some cases, people who were exposed to asbestos fibers decades ago are only now showing signs of the disease, and in many instances the symptoms mimic many other health conditions.  As a result, a person who has a stubborn cough may be misdiagnosed with another health condition like bronchitis instead of mesothelioma.

In order to help as many people as possible to get the information they need to combat this often-deadly disease, is committed to offering as much free information and resources as possible. The site now includes additional articles on treatment options, as well as the major cancer centers throughout the United States that are well-equipped to handle mesothelioma patients. The site also includes updated information on the latest government clinical trials, a list of qualified mesothelioma lawyers and veteran’s claims and benefit information.

“If you have any additional questions and would like to talk to a live person please call 1-800-763-9286,” the spokesperson said, adding that it is often easier and quicker to just ask a question than researching it on the internet.

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“We have helped people from every state in the U.S. and have a broad range of resources available.”

About is an authoritative website that includes comprehensive resources for mesothelioma patients and their families. The site includes up-to-date information about treatment options, major U.S. cancer centers, clinical trials, veteran’s claims and benefit information and mesothelioma lawyers. For more information, please call 1-800-763-9286 or visit

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