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Driscoll Children’s Hospital Set to Transform Pediatric Care in the Rio Grande Valley

Celebrating the Future

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Eric Hamon, President and CEO of Driscoll's Health System. Photo by Roberto Hugo González
Eric Hamon, President and CEO of Driscoll’s Health System. Photo by Roberto Hugo González
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By Roberto Hugo González

April 20, 2024, marked a significant chapter in South Texas’s history as the medical community and residents of the Rio Grande Valley gathered to witness the unveiling of the Driscoll Children’s Hospital, slated to open on May 1, 2024. This event celebrated introducing a new healthcare landmark and commemorated the vision and dedication that made it a reality.

At the heart of the ceremony was Eric Hamon, President and CEO of Driscoll’s Health System. Addressing a crowd filled with excitement and reverence, Hamon’s opening remarks echoed profound gratitude, heralding the day as “historic” for the hospital and the community. Known for his engaging public presence, Hamon set an inspiring tone for the event by sharing an emotional anecdote about a recent encounter with Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. This meeting, centered around a passionate recount of the Alamo’s history and Texas’s enduring struggles, deeply moved Hamon and motivated his address.

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Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Photo by Roberto Hugo González

Drawing a compelling parallel, Hamon likened Texas’s historical resilience to the journey leading to the establishment of Driscoll Children’s Hospital. He portrayed the new facility as more than a physical structure; it is hope and resilience, reflecting Texas’s indomitable spirit. This message resonated deeply with the attendees, reinforcing their connection to the hospital’s mission to provide exceptional pediatric care in a region eagerly awaiting such a facility.

As the ceremony unfolded, the atmosphere was charged with promise and anticipation, setting a celebratory tone for the future aspirations of Driscoll Children’s Hospital. Hamon also highlighted the enduring legacy of Claire Driscoll, the visionary founder of Driscoll’s Health System. He recounted a significant episode from 1903 when Driscoll purchased the Alamo to prevent its demolition, a testament to her determination and commitment to preservation, mirroring her dedication to children’s health in South Texas. This legacy is foundational to the hospital’s mission, ensuring that every child in the region has access to quality healthcare.

Emphasizing the new facility’s importance, Hamon noted that it would be the nation’s 33rd standalone children’s hospital. He called on the community to uphold Driscoll’s vision with wisdom, strength, and courage, setting a forward-looking tone for the future of pediatric healthcare in South Texas.

Since its inception in 1953, Driscoll has stood as a cornerstone of community healthcare, serving as the primary provider for children in South Texas. The new Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Edinburg represents an investment of over $100 million and significantly enhances the system. It will commence operations with more than 600 employees and 119 pediatric beds, offering comprehensive emergency care and specialized pediatric services from its inception.

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The hospital’s economic implications are substantial. Projections indicate it will generate $124.7 million annually in economic growth for Texas, highlighting its role as both a healthcare provider and a significant economic driver in the region.

As the Rio Grande Valley welcomes this new era of healthcare excellence, the community stands united, hopeful for the health and well-being of future generations. Driscoll Children’s Hospital stands committed to continuing Claire Driscoll’s legacy of care and advocacy, promising to shape the future of pediatric healthcare for generations.

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