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Dr Montano Gives Seminar on Hearing Loss

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Dr. Pedro Montano as he performs a hearing test at the Las Palmas Health Care Center. Photo by Roberto Hugo Gonzalez
Dr. Pedro Montano as he performs a hearing test at the Las Palmas Health Care Center. Photo by Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

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As originally First published by Mega Doctor News newsprint Edition on May 2010

Presbycusis or gradual hearing loss occurs as people age, is a common condition. According to statistics, an estimated one-third of Americans older than 60 and one-half older than 75 have a hearing impairment, Dr. Pedro Montano Martinez told Mega Doctor News.

In addition, he said that over time the wear and tear on the ears from noise contributes to hearing loss by damaging the cochlea, a part of the inner ear. Doctors believe that heredity and chronic exposure to loud noises are the main contributors to hearing loss. Other factors, such as earwax blockage, can prevent your ears from conducting sounds well.

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Dr. Pedro Montano Martinez is a specialist in ear, nose and throat as well as cosmetic surgery. At the time of this interview, he was giving a seminar to families and patients of Las Palmas Health Care Center. Dr. Montano was there at the request of Hari Namboodiri the administrator of the center.

“We help patients with hearing rehabilitation, including testing and treatment and dispensing hearing aids since 1982,” he said.

Dr. Montano pointed out that there are many reasons as to why people lose hearing abilities, two of them are important to mention. “One of them is conductive loss which impedes the transfer of the sound. The other one is the perception of the sound that has to do with the nerve.”

One of the most common problems in hearing loss is cerumen commonly called earwax, because of lack of cleaning. “Chronic infections of the ear, allergies of the congenital type or deposits of calcium,” he explained.

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Dr. Montano emphasized that it is important not use objects to clean the ears; most of the time eardrops should be used. “It is important to avoid water inside the ears that affects the normal physiological drainage of the wax,” he stated. In addition, it is important that wax drains by itself but when it is altered with water or any other objects, people start packing cerumen and that’s a big problem.

Dr. Montano told Mega Metropolis Health & Fitness that they do the testing and if anyone needs further treatment he will provide it accordingly. Dr. Montano has the experience in the field of hearing disorders and the equipment and tools for diagnostic as well as treatment options.

Patients that consult with Dr. Montano start with a hearing assessment followed by a comprehensive interview and medical examination. Dr. Montano will treat patients whose conditions are treatable. If there are no medical or surgical options, or the patient chooses not to pursue those options, Dr. Montano can provide hearing rehabilitation options, which may include hearing aids or other devices.

Roberto Hugo Gonzalez the 2009 SBA Journalist of the Year Award Winner & The 2009 and 2012 Paul Harris Award recipient.

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