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Couple in Business Defied All Odds and Created the Largest Mobile X-Rays Service in South Texas

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Physicians appreciate their expertise in the field and the accuracy of their work

Raul and Cynthia Calera

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

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As originally published by Mega Doctor News newsprint edition September 2019

It all began in 1995 when Raul Calera had a dream of starting his own business. He was putting in grueling hours, working 3 different jobs, and just wanted to be able to relax a little more. He believed that being a business owner would grant him the independence and the time for relaxation he was looking for. Little did he know that owning your own business requires more hours of work, dedication, and the additional responsibilities that come along with that. Managing your own office and personnel adds a new dimension to your life that many in business cannot handle. 

Here in the Valley, Raul worked with local hospitals where he learned and perfected his trade. He had previously been working with a mobile x-ray company in the metroplex of Dallas, Texas. It was that experience that helped create RGV Mobile X-Rays. 

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Raul knows that his company is successful and his business partner, Cynthia, has a lot to do with that. He does not shy away from recognizing that his business partner made the difference. “I always tell her that she is the key in this business as she is the one who knows everything, except doing x-rays. And, only because she doesn’t want to.” He continued, “If I didn’t have her, I know I wouldn’t have made it.” 

Cynthia is the Vice President of the company and the one who runs the inside operation. She manages the personnel, oversees the day-to-day business operations, and makes sure that everyone gets paid, from employees to suppliers. And, she does it well. 

Raul and Cynthia remember a time of struggle, tears, and headaches. However, they managed to make it. Fortunately for them, they hired good people, who are loyal and hardworking individuals that have contributed to their success and have stayed with them for years. 

When you are in business, there is always competition, and the Calera’s were no exception. There were two other companies in the market offering x-ray services, and they bought them out. The acquisition was a gutsy move, but it created more business for RGV Mobile X-Rays. 

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The x-ray industry has evolved over the years. Raul and Cynthia transitioned from developing the negatives themselves to using the most advanced technology available in the market. Working almost a quarter of a century in this field makes them unique. Even with these many years proving their valuable services, the Calera’s feel that many people do not know they exist. 

Physicians understand their patients prefer RGV Mobile X-Rays for the simple reason that the patient does not have to wait or be moved when they are bed-bound. Raul told Mega Doctor News that the company services five counties: Brooks, Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr, and Willacy. The day-to-day operation is hectic because several RGV Mobile X-Rays units run all over South Texas serving about 500 physicians. The company is open 24/7, including holidays.

Since the Calera’s started in 1995 they feel they have been blessed in that they are not in business to just make a profit, they are also here to serve the community. They are also involved in charity work to give back to the community. 

RGV Mobile X-Rays is a pioneer company since 1995, offering services like digital bedside X-rays, 2D Echocardiograms, General Ultrasound, Vascular exams, and Electrocardiograms (EKGS). While the company focuses more on bed-bound patients, they also service assisted living facilities, behavioral health centers, detention centers, home health, hospice, long-term care facilities, patient homes, and rehabilitation centers. 

Raul and Cynthia Calera, as well as everyone here at RGV Mobile X-Rays, are very grateful and thank the doctors and patients for putting their trust in them.

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