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Tips for Staying Healthy as You Head Back to the Office

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If you’re back at the office full-time for work, you may have noticed you’re not as active anymore, especially if you sit at a desk all day. Image for illustration purposes

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Cleveland Clinic – If you’re back at the office full-time for work, you may have noticed you’re not as active anymore, especially if you sit at a desk all day. But a Cleveland Clinic doctor said it’s important to keep moving.

“Sitting for long hours and being sedentary can cause fatigue, whereas getting physical activity and being active will increase energy and boost your mood,” explained Sandra Darling, DO.

“When we get our heart rate up it releases endorphins, those feel-good chemicals, and that will help to reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. It can also help you to sleep better.”

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Dr. Darling said if you sit most of the day at your job, you may want to think about buying an under-desk cycler. It’s a simple way to keep moving while continuing to work.

You could also take the stairs instead of the elevator or park farther away from the building to get some extra steps in. Or, if the weather is nice out, go for a walk on your lunch break.

Standing desks are another great option. Dr. Darling recommends standing for at least ten minutes every hour.

When it comes to eating healthy, she said be sure to plan ahead and pack nutritious snacks, like fresh fruits or mixed nuts.

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“I can’t emphasize enough to plan ahead. Living a healthy lifestyle actually does require some effort. So, we have to create a schedule and figure out exactly when we will do the grocery shopping, cooking, exercise, and relaxation. That is one thing we didn’t talk about, but relaxation practices need to be factored in too, especially in our stressful, busy lives,” said Dr. Darling.

Dr. Darling said if you still feel like you’re having a hard time balancing everything, don’t be afraid to talk with a medical professional. They can help you get to the root of the issue.

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