AbleChair is the revolutionary therapeutic wheelchair aimed at improving the lives of millions

Power Wheelchair
Power Wheelchair

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Hudson, NH Advanced Fitness Components is proud to announce the launch of AbleChair, a revolutionary power wheelchair. The AbleChair is the most multipurpose wheelchair in the world, combining the benefits of mobility, gait therapy, position control, and transfers with wireless touch screen operations.

Ability to walk is a basic aspect of independence, one of the greatest gifts we have in life. There are many reasons that result in loss of gait, which could force a person to use a wheelchair. But the end result is the same, people need to be able to feel comfortable, but most importantly, they need to maintain their health and independence.

Insufficient or delayed gait therapy may cause permanent damage. In some cases, it may not even be practical to receive much-needed therapy as often as the user should.

The AbleChair can transform a gait system in seconds, helping users to walk along so they can eventually walk away. In most cases, users can independently gait train with controlled weight bearing almost anywhere and anytime they want, which will lead to a faster recovery.

Existing wheelchairs have failed to adequately address the needs of the users i.e. provide necessary therapeutic functions, resulting in increased dependence, gradual deterioration of health or excessive cost burden on an ongoing basis. These wheelchairs also frequently put caregivers, family members or therapists in helpless situations. The AbleChair has the power to radically change millions of lives of the wheelchair community.

In addition to gait training, the AbleChair helps improve bone density, stretch muscles, increase circulation, avoid ulcers, eliminate bad postures and minimize fatigue. With its extended height adjustability, users can have the greatest reach and access both at home and at work. Annual savings on services such as PT, OT, and ADL, alone can be very significant.

Caregivers and therapists can also benefit by reducing the risk of injury and increasing focus on treatment as opposed to worrying about safety and support of the patients.

“With aggressive pricing together with unmatched functionality, we believe the AbleChair is well positioned in a growing specialty wheelchair market,” says Bala Vatti, CEO.

Standard products include Pediatric (100 lbs.), Adult (250 lbs.), and Bariatric (400lbs.) models. First available models are the Adult models.

The Adult model AbleChair is priced at $14,995. We will be launching a Kickstarter project in early March 2019 offering limited units at significantly discounted prices.

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