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TEXPAC Announces Endorsements for March 1 Primary Elections, Included Sergio Muñoz Jr.

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Sergio Muñoz Jr. Representative District 36.
Sergio Muñoz Jr. Representative District 36.
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Doctors’ Choices Include Five Challengers in GOP Races

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TEXPAC, the political arm of the Texas Medical Association, today announced the physician group’s endorsements for the March 1 party primary elections and included Sergio Muñoz, Jr., HD 36 (D).

“These men and women are the best on the ballot for our profession, for our practices, and — especially — for our patients,” said TEXPAC Board Chair Brad Holland, MD, of Waco. “They deserve the doctors’ vote.”

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The list contains nine candidates for judicial posts and 134 running for the Texas Senate and House.

“Our four-step endorsement process leans heavily on the recommendations of local physician leaders,” Dr. Holland said. “It is a very small-d, democratic process.”

The endorsed candidates include seven who are running for open seats in the Texas House of Representatives, and five Republicans who are challenging incumbent elected officials in their party primary. Those five are:

  • Justice Michael Massengale for the Texas Supreme Court,
  • Hugh Shine for House District 55 (Bell County),
  • Scott Fisher for House District 92 (Tarrant County),
  • Andrew Piel for House District 94 (Tarrant County), and
  • Bennett Ratliff for House District 115 (Dallas County).

Notable incumbents receiving the physicians’ support include two members of the Texas Supreme Court; House Speaker Joe Straus; Senate Finance Committee Chair Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound); House Insurance Committee Chair John Frullo (R-Lubbock); and three physician-legislators: State Reps. Greg Bonnen, MD (R-Friendswood), J.D. Sheffield, DO (R-Gatesville), and John Zerwas, MD (R-Richmond).

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The TEXPAC Candidate Evaluation Committee and Board of Directors will meet this weekend to consider possible additional endorsements.

TEXPAC speaks on behalf of more than 48,000 Texas physicians and medical students, and nearly 5,000 TMA Alliance members. Organized in 1962, TEXPAC is one of the oldest political action committees in Texas. TEXPAC also is one of the largest bipartisan PACs in the state and ranks first in size among other state medical association PACs.

The TEXPAC-endorsed candidates are (names and districts underlined are open seats; those in italics are challengers facing incumbents):

Texas Supreme Court

Justice Eva Guzman

Justice Paul Green

Justice Michael Massengale

Third Court of Appeals

Justice Melissa Goodwin

Justice Cindy Olson Bourland

Sixth Court of Appeals

Chief Justice Josh R. Morriss III 

10th Court of Appeals

Justice Al Scoggins

12th Court of Appeals

Justice Greg Neeley

Justice Brian Hoyle

Texas Senate

SD 4    Creighton, Brandon (R)

SD 6    Garcia, Sylvia (D)

SD 11  Taylor, Larry (R)

SD 12  Nelson, Jane (R)

SD 13  Ellis, Rodney (D)

SD 18  Kolkhorst, Lois (R)

SD 19  Uresti, Carlos (D)

SD 20  Hinojosa, Juan “Chuy” (D)

SD 21  Zaffirini, Judith (D)

SD 22  Birdwell, Brian (R)

SD 26  Menéndez, José (D)

SD 27  Lucio Jr., Eddie (D)

SD 28  Perry, Charles, (R)

SD 29  Rodriguez, José (D)

Texas House

HD 1         VanDeaver, Gary (R)

HD 7         Dean, Jay (R)

HD 8         Cook, Byron (R)

HD 9         Paddie, Chris (R)

HD 10       Wray, John (R)

HD 11       Clardy, Travis (R)

HD 12       Kacal, Kyle (R)

HD 13       Schubert, Leighton (R)

HD 14       Raney, John (R)

HD 16       Metcalf, Will (R)

HD 17       Cyrier, John (R)

HD 20       Farney, Marsha (R)

HD 21       Phelan, Dade (R)

HD 22       Deshotel, Joe (D)

HD 23       Faircloth, Wayne (R)

HD 24       Bonnen, MD, Greg (R)

HD 25       Bonnen, Dennis (R)

HD 26       Miller, Rick (R)

HD 27       Reynolds, Ron (D)

HD 28       Zerwas, MD, John (R)

HD 29       Thompson, Ed (R)

HD 30       Morrison, Geanie (R)

HD 31       Guillen, Ryan (D)

HD 32       Hunter, Todd (R)

HD 34       Herrero, Abel (D)

HD 35       Longoria, Oscar (D)

HD 36       Muñoz, Sergio (D)

HD 37       Oliviera, René (D)

HD 38       Lucio III, Eddie (D)

HD 39       Martinez, Armando (D)

HD 40       Canales, Terry (D)

HD 41       Guerra, Bobby (D)

HD 42       Raymond, Richard (D)

HD 43       Lozano, J.M. (R)

HD 44       Kuempel, John (R)

HD 45       Isaac, Jason (R)

HD 46       Dukes, Dawnna (D)

HD 47       Workman, Paul (R)

HD 48       Howard, Donna (D)

HD 50       Israel, Celia (D)

HD 51       Rodriguez, Eddie (D)

HD 52       Gonzales, Larry (R)

HD 53       Murr, Andrew (R)

HD 54       Cosper, Scott (R)

HD 55       Shine, Hugh (R)

HD 56       Anderson, Doc (R)

HD 57       Ashby, Trenton (R)

HD 58       Burns, DeWayne (R)

HD 59       Sheffield, MD, J.D. (R)

HD 60       Downing, Kevin (R)

HD 61       King, Phil (R)

HD 62       Phillips, Larry (R)

HD 63       Parker, Tan (R)

HD 65       Simmons, Ron (R)

HD 68       Springer, Drew (R)

HD 72       Darby, Drew (R)

HD 73       Miller, Doug (R)

HD 74       Nevarez, Poncho (D)

HD 75       Gonzalez, Mary (D)

HD 76       Blanco, Cesar (D)

HD 77       Lopez, Adolfo (D)

HD 78       Moody, Joe (D)

HD 79       Pickett, Joe (D)

HD 80       King, Tracy (D)

HD 81       Landgraf, Brooks (R)

HD 82       Craddick, Tom (R)

HD 84       Frullo, John (R)

HD 85       Stephenson, Phil (R)

HD 86       Smithee, John (R)

HD 87       Price, Four (R)

HD 88       King, Ken (R)

HD 89       Laubenberg, Jodie (R)

HD 90       Romero, Ramon (D)

HD 92       Fisher, Scott (R)

HD 94       Piel, Andrew (R) 

HD 95       Collier, Nicole (D)

HD 97       Goldman, Craig (R)

HD 98       Capriglione, Giovanni (R)

HD 99       Geren, Charlie (R)

HD 100     Johnson, Eric (D)

HD 101     Turner, Chris (D)

HD 102     Koop, Linda (R)

HD 103     Anchia, Rafael (D)

HD 104     Alonzo, Roberto (D)

HD 107     Sheets, Kenneth (R)

HD 108     Meyer, Morgan (R)

HD 109     Giddings, Helen (D)

HD 110     Rose, Toni (D)

HD 111     Davis, Yvonne (D)

HD 112     Button, Angie (R)

HD 113     Burkett, Cindy (R)

HD 114     Villalba, Jason (R)

HD 115     Ratliff, Bennett (R)

HD 117     Galindo, Rick (R)

HD 118     Uresti, Tomas (D)

HD 119     Gutierrez, Roland (D)

HD 121     Straus, Joe (R)

HD 122     Larson, Lyle (R)

HD 123     Bernal, Diego (D)

HD 124     Minjarez, Ina (D)

HD 125     Rodriguez, Justin (D)

HD 127     Huberty, Dan (R)

HD 128     Smith, Wayne (R)

HD 129     Paul, Dennis (R)

HD 130     Oliverson, MD, Tom (R)

HD 131     Allen, Alma (D)

HD 132     Schofield, Mike (R)

HD 133     Murphy, Jim (R)

HD 134     Davis, Sarah (R)

HD 136     Dale, Tony (R)

HD 137     Wu, Gene (D)

HD 138     Bohac, Dwayne (R)

HD 140     Walle, Armando (D)

HD 141     Thompson, Senfronia (D)

HD 142     Dutton, Harold (D)

HD 143     Hernandez, Ana (D)

HD 145     Alvarado, Carol (D)

HD 146     Miles, Borris (D)

HD 147     Coleman, Garnet (D)

HD 148     Farrar, Jessica (D)

HD 149     Vo, Hubert (D)

HD 150     Riddle, Debbie (R)

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