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A.R. Sanchez, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Opens Doors for Future Physician

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Pictured above from L-R: Doctor Frank Fernandez, UTRGV professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, Corey Fuentes and UTRGV School of Medicine and Interim Dean Steve Lieberman pose at Corey’s white coat ceremony.
Pictured above from L-R: Doctor Frank Fernandez, UTRGV professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, Corey Fuentes and UTRGV School of Medicine and Interim Dean Steve Lieberman pose at Corey’s white coat ceremony.

Fuentes is first in his family to attend college

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Mega Doctor News – 

Continuing a lifetime of firsts, Corey Fuentes will be starting his first year of medical school in the very first class at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley for Medical Sciences.

A native of McAllen, Texas, Corey is the first and only son of Christopher and Belinda Fuentes and grew up understanding the true value of hard work.  The first in his family to attend college, Corey received his undergraduate degree in May 2016 from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitative Sciences and a concentration in Deaf Studies.

With his first scholarship, Corey graduated from Mission High School on a Friday in May 2011 and started college on the following Monday.  Because of the $1,000 A.R. Sanchez scholarship from IBC Bank-McAllen, Corey was able to immediately begin taking college classes in the summer that started his path to becoming a doctor.

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“We are so proud and grateful,” stated Mrs. Fuentes. “It was such an honor for him to be the only one chosen for the scholarship from his high school. This truly gave Corey the ability to start his (college) path and the encouragement to continue to work hard.”

“The scholarship was the kick-start to my college career,” added Corey.  “I was able to give my all because I had received so much encouragement from the kind people who gave me the award.”

Raised by hard-working parents, Fuentes learned from an early age to be “diligent in work and to never give up before the job is done.” Mr. Fuentes, an auto mechanic, instilled in his son firm values and discipline that have kept him focused on completing his education.

Giving back to the community became a mission for Corey while he was attending college. Inspired by a local family with a deaf daughter, Corey wanted to help the hearing impaired by learning American Sign Language.

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Corey completed an internship for the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services of Texas.  This helped develop his desire to bring a connection to people with hearing loss and provide encouragement to help lead normal lives. While completing his internship, Corey worked with the deaf and hard of hearing community by helping them learn about services that they may qualify for as well as different types of assistive technology that could increase their quality of life.

Recognizing the need for primary healthcare providers around his home in the Rio Grande Valley, Fuentes plans to stay close to home upon receiving his degree in medicine. “This area is medically underserved, and I want to give back by practicing medicine here,” said Fuentes.

The IBC Bank A.R. Sanchez, Sr. Memorial Scholarships are granted to students who demonstrate a “Do More” attitude and leadership in student and community affairs throughout high school. Mr. Sanchez, the founder of IBC Bank, was a strong supporter of education and its availability to everyone interested in bettering their lives. The A.R. Sanchez Scholarship Award is needs based and presented annually to graduating seniors across South Texas and Oklahoma.  MDN

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