Publisher’s Word: “The virus can’t infect you, can’t replicate, and can’t kill you if you’re on Ivermectin,” Dr. Pierre Kory


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As I was preparing to write an article about three physicians who announced a wonder drug that prevents and cures COVID-19. I found that one of them had appeared to give his testimony on Capitol Hill to talk about the drug.

Dr. Pierre Kory is a member of an Alliance dedicated to finding a solution to the pandemic. Dr. Kory is an Associate Professor of Medicine at St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center, and an ICU specialist. He takes care of what’s called the sickest of the sick. It is important to note that he has been in academia his entire career.

He said, “I am part of an Alliance that we formed early on in the pandemic, led by Dr. Professor Paul Marik and Dr. Joseph Varon.” He continued, “Dr. Marik brought us together to try to figure out COVID and to figure out effective treatment protocols.”

He pointed out that they have been working tirelessly, reviewing the world’s literature on almost every aspect of this disease. He mentioned that he gave the testimony on behalf of the group, which is a collection of scientists. 

Dr. Kory, a lung physician, said, “Everyone is dying of breathlessness. The ICU’s are filling, all on ventilators for weeks, and they die slowly.”

He runs an ICU unit where there’s nothing but patients with COVID. He said, “I don’t see any other disease anymore. All I see is COVID COVID COVID, and they’re all dying.”

During his testimony, Dr. Kory got emotional and said, “I can’t help but get emotional. My entire life and humanity is being destroyed by this.”

He also said he was losing patients of all ages, all ethnicities, and they’re all dying. “By the time I get to see them in the ICU, I can’t turn them around. I can’t recover them,” he said emotionally. 

Dr. Kory and the Alliance members have been sharing the news about Ivermectin that is having a miraculous impact on treating and preventing COVID-19.

“Our group have concluded after reviewing months of data that have come out in the last few months; this is all new data.” He continued, “We uncovered in the last three weeks studies of trials showing the effectiveness in many areas, not only in prevention but early and late stage.”

Dr. Kory said that the overwhelming data shows is in the prevention of transmission of the virus. 

“The randomized controlled trials show that if you’re taking Ivermectin, you will not contract COVID-19. I repeat. If you are taking it, you will not contract COVID-19.”

He said that they are not against the vaccine because they think Ivermectin is complimentary. “This would be complimentary and more quickly scalable.” He emphasized, “We have too many people dying right now. And there’s so many people who are going to die while waiting for those vaccines. So, this is something that can be pursued immediately and urgently.”

To know more about Ivermectin, he explained that Ivermectin was awarded the Nobel prize because of its global health impact. The pill has already rid the world of several parasitic diseases. “Sixty percent of Sahara Africa take ivermectin regularly to rid themselves of the scourge of parasites.” 

Dr. Kory continued, “we discovered and what the studies show, it has phenomenal antiviral activity. It blocks the replication of the SARS CoV-2 virus and you don’t get sick.  The virus can’t infect you, can’t replicate, and can’t kill you if you’re on Ivermectin.”

In this issue, learn more about these physicians and their dedication to save lives.