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Publisher’s Word: Angel in a White Coat: Dr. Beto Gutierrez’s Dedication to the Underserved of Rio Grande Valley

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Dr. Beto Gutierrez. Photo by Roberto H. Gonzalez

Dr. Alberto ‘Beto’ Gutierrez shows firm dedication to a cause that’s more important than personal benefits in a world where people often change their commitments quickly. For 23 years, this exceptional physician has been a pillar of hope and health for one of America’s most poor communities—the Rio Grande Valley. At the helm of the Hope Family Health Center, Dr. Gutierrez has been not just diagnosing and treating ailments but also transforming lives. Awarded the title of this month’s Mega Doctor, this extraordinary healer is far more than his accolades suggest.

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This feature provides a glimpse into the life and legacy of Dr. Gutierrez, who has been a volunteer for 23 years and the Medical Director at Hope Family Health Center for 17 years. Through his specialization in a range of critical conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, to his magnetizing influence that attracts other medical professionals to volunteer, his impact reverberates through the thousands of lives he touches each year.

Beyond the boundaries of medical practice, Dr. Gutierrez is also a visionary advocate for community health, rallying support through key partnerships and public engagement initiatives. Yet despite his monumental contributions, challenges persist—not just for him but for the sustainability of altruistic healthcare systems in impoverished communities nationwide.

Join us as we explore the life of a man who has made it his mission to offer a lifeline to those most in need and how he has brought real hope to the Rio Grande Valley. Read more inside.

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On another note, Dr. Carlos Cruz, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, joined with Lone Star National Bank, and the Texas Mission of Mercy RGV (TMOM-RGV) to address a pressing need in the Rio Grande Valley. Along with an entire team of dental professionals and volunteers, they will be providing Free Dental Care to underserved communities in the Rio Grande Valley.

On September 15-16, 2023, TMOM, a mobile dental clinic, is set to arrive in Edinburg, bringing relief to many suffering from untreated dental issues. Their entire system will be set up inside the Bert Ogden Arena, which is participating as an elite sponsor. The public is encouraged to take advantage of this free service. For more information visit their website: at www.tmominc.com.

You will find these and so many more stories about how the leaders of the Rio Grande Valley are working together to better serve these communities with more opportunities for access to better health care and more opportunities to access in higher education. Enjoy!

Read more about it here!

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