Medcare EMS responders receiving the “Hometown Hero’s Award

Medcare EMS “Hometown Hero’s Award”, a prestigious recognition for performance beyond call of duty. Courtesy photo.

Mega Doctor NEWS

A special congratulations to five first responders from Medcare EMS for receiving the “Hometown Hero’s Award” from South Texas Health System. The recipients include Alex Lopez (Licensed Paramedic), Jaime Solis (Licensed Paramedic) and Joshua Hernandez (EMT) for their excellent trauma care. April Hernandez (Licensed Paramedic) and Jeremiah Mendoza (Licensed Paramedic) received the award for beating the national average for the Field to Balloon time measurement in emergency cardiac care.

Hernandez and Mendoza beat the time by almost half the national average when they administered care to a patient with a 100% blocked artery. Due to their swift response and coordination with South Texas Health System Heart in sending detailed medical information through wireless technology, the hospital was able to beat the national average for Door to Balloon time by more than half. Due to the combined efforts of Medcare EMS and South Texas Health System Heart, the patient’s life was saved. 

The recognition is for their swift efforts and applaud the excellent medical care they provided to earn this special distinction from South Texas Health System. Our community is well served by what they do every day to meet the medical needs of the community in the most critical of moments.