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Krono Therapeutics: Great Alternative for Weight Loss Supervised by a Physician and a Professional Trainer

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Picture on the right- Kristina Rojas was the cover of Natural Muscle Magazine in November 2013. She is a dedicated professional. Kristina believes that the best investment people can make is on their health.
Picture on the right- Kristina Rojas was the cover of Natural Muscle Magazine in November 2013. She is a dedicated professional. Kristina believes that the best investment people can make is on their health.

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

As originally published First by Mega Doctor News newsprint Edition

You don’t have to go far away to get a good plan for weight loss. Here in McAllen, Krono Therapeutics provides comprehensive medical service with optimum results.

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Michael T. Jelinek, M.D. and his staff take pride in their quality care, service, integrity and experience. “We provide highly individualized and proactive medical care with one goal – the optimization of your health,” Dr. Jelinek told Mega Doctor News.

He also pointed out that the success of Krono Therapeutics program is due to the strong ongoing patient-physician relationship. He continued to say, “The program combines the valued medical traditions of personalized patient counseling with precise diagnostic testing, medical analysis and advice.”

Dr. Jelinek is your primary contact for all medical issues and efficiently coordinates and monitors additional medical specialists as required. He personally takes the time to know you in depth. He thoroughly reviews your medical, family and personal histories.

Once Dr. Jelinek gets all the results, he prescribes and this is when Kristina Rojas meets with you to develop the other part of the plan where you get to participate in getting you healthier. She is an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness professional, a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and Dietician.

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She has been training individuals for over six years and loves to help people. “I believe the best investment you can make is in your health,” she said.

Kristina is very passionate about what she does and she will do everything she can to help and teach you how to adapt to a healthy life style.

Dr. Michael Jelinek has put together a professional team that cares about your health, their dedication and love for what they do is what makes the difference

Kristina told Mega Doctor News that it is very important for people to have the correct advise concerning their diet and their exercise routine and that is why her expertise as a sports trainer, Nutritionist and Dietician is valuable.

In essence, this program is designed to get people to better health, physically and mentally. Dr. Michael T. Jelinek a board certified physician works with the patient and their lab exams, and Kristina comes into action to help with nutrition and training and to get the client in a better condition with proper exercise workouts.

Kristina is an athlete and professionally participates in national and international physique competitions. “I am endorsed by a supplement company and became the cover of Natural Muscle magazine last November 2013, I am building my way up” she said.”

Kristina rojasrx2

Kristina graduated from UTPA in 2012, she has a bachelor in Science and Dietetics and she is a proud IFBB Fitness professional.

If you feel overweight, tired, with no energy and want to transform your life for a healthier one, this team at Kronos Therapeutic is your first stop to a better health.

You may contact them at 956- 631-5200 or visit with them at Krono Therapeutics, 3108 Centre Point Dr. on McColl and Alberta at the medical offices of Dr. Michael T. Jelinek. MDN

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