Dedication and Love for Their Professions Sets Them Apart


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It has been my pleasure and honor to have met and interviewed medical professionals of this magnitude. They all bring so much to the health industry that benefits the communities where they serve. Dedication and love for their profession is what sets them apart.  

When I met Dr. Patricia J. Sulak, I was most impressed by her dynamism and stamina. She is able to lecture for several hours and still have time to answer questions from the press.

She brought discussion topics like: “Self-induced Disease is Killing America.” Another that brought quite a bit of discussion was: “Should I Fire My Doctor?”

Dr. Sulak is a nationally recognized practicing physician, researcher, speaker, and medical school professor. You will find her story in this issue.

In this issue too, meet again Dr. Carrie L. Byington, from Texas A&M College of Medicine and Senior Vice President of the Texas A&M University Health Science Center. Her visit to McAllen Texas presented a great opportunity to get to know her. Her message “We’d Bring A Fight to Every Fighting Chance.” 

Dr. Byington is the Dean of the Texas A&M College of Medicine and is the Senior Vice President of the Texas A&M University Health Science Center. She is also the Vice Chancellor for Health Services at The Texas A&M University System.

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Listening to her message was an opportunity to learn more. I want to thank Texas A&M College of Medicine for being receptive to Mega Doctor News and working with us in an open collaboration to tell the great work they are doing.

Dr. Byington was born and raised in a small Texas community north of the Rio Grande Valley. “I grew up in Falfurrias. I know that you all don’t consider Falfurrias the Valley, but I still consider myself a South Texas girl, and we share culture, history, and pride in this region.”

Our third health professional is Dr. Rachel Gelman, an Ophthalmologist with the DHR Health Eye Institute, she continues to perform revolutionary eye surgery. She is an outstanding professional managing a variety of ophthalmic pathologies, specializing in the treatment of disorders of the cornea and anterior segment of the eye. 

Her expertise is corneal transplantation and complex cataract and intraocular lens surgeries, in which she applies the latest techniques to help her patients. 

Dr. Gelman’s education and training make her an exceptional professional. She brings solutions to diseases that are highly prevalent in the Rio Grande Valley. 

You will also find her story interesting; she is a physician you can talk to, there are no barriers. That is why we bring Doctors closer to people.

I really believe that they are Three Outstanding Physicians Making a Difference!

More news: What a great accomplishment, Texas A&M Family Medicine Residents achieve 100% pass rate on Board Exams for Fourth Year. Yes, for the fourth consecutive year, all third-year residents from the Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency Program passed the annual board exams. 

Passing this exam is the final step to becoming boardcertified specialists in family medicine, and the 100 percent pass rate is the goal every year. Congratulations!

Oh, one last thing, find out why you should ditch aluminum from your kitchen!