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Baylor College of Medicine visits DHR Health to discuss Collaboration in Research and Education that would benefit the Rio Grande Valley Community

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DHR Health, DHR Health Insitute for Research and Development and Baylor College of Medicine during visit. 

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Edinburg, TX – Leadership from the Baylor College of Medicine, the state’s top–ranked medical school, visited with the key stakeholders at DHR Health and DHR Health Institute for Research and Development to discuss opportunities to continue to enhance existing collaborations that would benefit residents of the Rio Grande Valley.

The visit included DHR Health, DHR Health Institute for Research and Development and Baylor College of Medicine leadership that encompassed, Dr. Paul Klotman, president and executive dean, Dr. Mary Dickinson, senior vice president and dean of research, Dr. James McDeavitt, senior vice president and dean of clinical affairs, Dr. Ashok Balasubramanyam, vice president for academic integration and senior associate dean for academic affairs, Stephanie Young, senior vice president, institutional advancement and Dr. Nancy Moreno, chair department of education, innovation and technology.

“We already have ongoing research collaborations with investigators at the Baylor College of Medicine” said Dr. Manish Singh, chief executive officer at DHR Health. “This visit is to reaffirm our commitment to continue to enhance our partnership in research and to explore new opportunities in the areas of education and training”.   This collaboration is yet another example of how DHR Health continues to foster its partnerships with other academic and non-academic institutions to offer the most innovative and advanced clinical care to patient in the community.

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“We are pleased to engage in discussions with DHR Health and DHR Health Institute for Research and Development leaders about the possibility of collaboration,” said Dr. Paul Klotman, president, CEO and executive dean of Baylor College of Medicine. “Baylor has had a presence in the Rio Grande Valley for many years, in education, clinical and research programs, and we are interested in exploring opportunities to expand our efforts.”

This growing partnership with Baylor College of Medicine would facilitate the expansion of translational research capabilities in signature areas of clinical excellence in our Institution” said Dr. Sohail Rao, president and chief executive officer, DHR Health Institute for Research & Development.  “This includes state-of-the art studies in the areas of trauma, neurosciences, such as stroke and dementia, cardiovascular care, cancer, liver disorders, metabolic disorders, such as obesity, diabetes and bariatric surgery and infectious diseases, pertaining to COVID-19, and drug resistant infections”.

Baylor College of Medicine focuses their efforts on improving health through science, scholarship and innovation. Through the collaborative research initiatives with DHR Health and DHR Health Research Institute for Research and Development will bring fundamental insights into human health and disease allowing application of their discoveries to develop new diagnostic tools and treatments to the Rio Grande Valley.

For more information, please contact Dr. Sohail Rao, president and chief executive officer at DHR Health Institute for Research and Development at (956) 362-2387 or visit dhrresearch.org

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