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A Lady with A Big Heart In Support of Hope Family Health Center

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Brittany Gabrielson showing her most popular jewelry pieces by Silpada Designs. The Half Moon Bay earrings sterling silver and the cross necklace
Brittany Gabrielson showing her most popular jewelry pieces by Silpada Designs. The Half Moon Bay earrings sterling silver and the cross necklace

Mega Doctor News – 

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By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez,

It is like a breath of fresh air, when you meet people like Brittany Gabrielson. She travels to South Padre Island, sets up a tent and displays jewelry products that she sells and then gives her profits away.

Brittany is a resident of McAllen and a great supporter of Hope Family Health Center. She told Mega Doctor News, “I am here today selling Silpada Designs silver jewelry and so that all, everything that I make goes directly back to Hope.” She was a participant of the ‘Fishing for Hope’ Tournament event, however, she was doing her own thing to help.

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She is a rep for Silpada Designs, a direct sales company out of Kansas City, Missouri. The company specializes on designs manufactured with sterling silver, but they also have a brass line; most of the jewelry is designed in Kansas City and made all over the world.  “There’s a lifetime guarantee on all of our pieces,” Brittany assured us.

She has been doing sales for this company for the last three and a half years. She said, “This is my fourth time to be here at ‘Fishing for Hope’ to give back to the clinic.” Brittany makes a thirty percent profit, which all goes directly to the Hope Family Health Center.

“We have items anywhere from $15 all the way up to $399. Our most popular earrings are these; they’re called the Half Moon Bay earrings and they’re sterling silver,” she said.

Brittany showed us another popular item which is a $29 sterling silver cross necklace. “It’s a sideways cross, sterling silver with a sixteen-inch chain. So it’s a very nice piece and I’ve already sold one today and I have sold a bunch of jewelry at Hope events,” she said.

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If people want to buy something from you, where can they call you? “They can call 956-778-3748 and I have a card with my website httpss://silpada.com/public/?rep=Brittany.gabrielson

Brittany is already planning to participate again this coming year to help the Hope Family Health Center. “So I hope to see you all here next year as well,” she finalized. MDN

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