Virus Vaccine Timeline for Delivery Start at the end of November 2020

Image for illustration purposes only. By The National Guard under CC BY 2.0

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William Eugene “Gene” Powell
Photo by UTSA

According to Eugene Powell, the Texas Vice Chairman for the Republican National Committee, the timeline for the delivery of the vaccine has changed in a positive way since Pfizer’s announcement that they are ready.  “To their credit the Trump team has, for several months, been getting ready for this day.”

He also pointed out that the US Military has been preparing the logistics for getting the vaccine out to everyone in an orderly and efficient manner.  Currently the timeline looks like this:

  1. End of November to Mid-December: Elderly, Nursing Home patients and staff Vaccinated.
  2. Mid December to Early January:  Health Care Workers Vaccinated
  3. Mid-January through Mid-April:  All other citizens Vaccinated

During this four-month period additional vaccines will be approved and will be added to the mix. 

Bottom line is that if you want to be vaccinated you will have an opportunity to do so sometime over the next four months.

“The doctors I have talked tell me emphatically that this is a real game changer and all thanks to the Trump Team and Operation Warp Speed.” Mr. Powell continued, “Otherwise, we could have been waiting four or five years for a vaccine.”