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UTPA is hosting three conferences this week that discuss health care issues

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On Wednesday, March 26, UTPA’s Bioethics Research Conference will host several panels that discuss the ethical implications to many medical and health issues, including: “Keeping People Alive Against Their Will in Texas: Examining Cases Like Marlise Muñoz” and “Are Celebrities Killing Us? The Vaccination Scare and the Impact of Celebrities on Public Health.”

On Thursday, March 27, The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences will host its Eighth Annual Research Conference . This year’s focus is Health and Health Policy in the Social Sciences.

On Friday, March 28, The College of Health Sciences and Human Services will host its Second Annual MORE Health @UTPA, which will have presentations on medical research. MORE Health will conclude with a community health fair Saturday, March 29 at the UTPA Ballroom where participants can receive free health screenings and other services.

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Below, please find a link to the agendas for the conferences.  Thank you all for your continued support of UTPA.



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