Mission CISD High School Students start Census Campaign during the Closure


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Mission, Texas – Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) high school students are not letting the current shelter-at-home directives keep them from community service. Students from the DECA chapters at Veterans Memorial High School and Mission High School are beginning a social media effort on National Census Day, in support of the 2020 Census. 

Their efforts kicked off with a virtual meeting held this afternoon with DECA students and sponsors to talk about ideas, messaging, and resources from the Census Bureau. 

“The students are eager to play a productive role in getting more people to complete their census,” said Sheila Lozano, VMHS DECA sponsor. “This really can give them an opportunity to get creative, and have some fun during this time of sheltering at home. Plus, this is another opportunity for me, as a teacher, to provide a real-lesson that ties in to marketing and other DECA aspects.”

“This is a great way for us to have a positive impact on our community,” said Fernanda Gonzalez, VMHS DECA president elect. “This will impact all our lives for the next ten years. That’s a great feeling, knowing you are doing something that will help the entire community.”

“The self-response rates for our area are extremely low at this point,” said Craig Verley, director of public relations for Mission CISD and member of the Mission Complete Count Committee. “As a district, we had planned for quite a few things in support of the census that were derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Student involvement was always going to play a part of the plans, and it now looks like their role may be more important than ever in census outreach.”

Verley said he hopes this will spread well beyond just the DECA students and that more students from all three district high schools will get involved in encouraging their parents, friends, and other households in their extended families to do their census. 

#MCISDCounts, #EverySliceCounts, #2020Census are the three main social media hashtags that the district student efforts will be using.