Laredo College health sciences students fight against COVID-19

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Today, Laredo College reported an astounding success at the vaccination drive held at the LC South Campus where 300 vaccines were administered by Laredo College health sciences faculty and students.

In collaboration with the City of Laredo, LC health sciences students and faculty have continued to aid in the effort to combat COVID-19. Many groups within LC including the nursing, emergency medical services, occupational therapy assistant, physical therapy assistant, radiology technology and medical office assistant students and faculty have been volunteering at vaccination sites in Laredo and Zapata. 

LC students and their professors have been on the frontlines administering up to 400 Moderna vaccines at each site. They do not only assist by administering vaccines, but also by supporting individuals with the processing of documents, logistical efforts and other important duties that are imperative for these drives to be successful. 

“The health sciences programs are proud to be able to serve the community. I am honored that Laredo College has dedicated faculty members who promote quality healthcare regardless of the potential risk and students who also follow the example set before them,” LC Dean of Health Sciences and Nursing Programs Director Dr. Dianna Miller said. “I want to thank Laredo College administration and the board of trustees for their support during these challenging times.” 

The experience of being involved in vital events such as vaccine drives to fight a virus helps our students understand the importance of the collaboration between all healthcare providers and local agencies. Although our students are always eager to volunteer and assist with these efforts, they also obtain clinical hours that are utilized toward their degree plan.

“Due to the exemplary dedication of students, faculty and staff, our health sciences programs have obtained the highest rankings in various areas around the nation,” LC President Dr. Ricardo J. Solis said. “We are teaching our students not only the academics, but that we need to unite and stay strong in the face of adversity.”

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One of the professors stated that when there is a need in our city, the faculty and students believe it is their responsibility to assist. Our institution is looking forward to continuing to contribute in any capacity and increasing efforts to control this pandemic.

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