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Grad set to begin career and help patients breathe easier

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TSC Respiratory Care alumnus Troy Zepeda graduated with an associate degree and is now working at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen as a respiratory therapist. Pictured with Zepeda are (left) TSC Respiratory Care Instructor Alberto Vasquez and (right) TSC Respiratory Care Clinical Coordinator and Instructor Mahandran Rajasuriar.

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BROWNSVILLE, TX – With two younger siblings diagnosed with respiratory conditions, Troy Zepeda wanted to find a career where he could help them, and others, breathe easier.

Taking to the internet for research, he discovered the Respiratory Care Science program at Texas Southmost College, and he knew immediately this was the career path he was going to choose.

“I’ve always wanted a career in the medical field, and this was just the right program,” said Zepeda. “I was fortunate enough to find this program so close to home and now I’m a 21-year-old with a college degree. I thank the Lord above and my family for their guidance and support.”

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The San Benito native graduated in May with an associate degree in Respiratory Care Science and since then has become a registered respiratory therapist and will begin his career at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen later this month.

“I got everything I needed from this program to start a career I love,” said Zepeda. “It helped me become who I am today.”

From its structure and instructors to hands-on training, Zepeda said he had the chance to learn the ins and outs of the respiratory profession and understand the procedures and processes of the career.

“This program was rigorous and challenging, especially completing it during COVID, but I took it one day at a time,” he said. “To have found what I want to do for the rest of my life at a young age is a blessing.”

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Zepeda added that the training he received is now like muscle memory and he is confident and more than prepared to fulfill his duty as a respiratory therapist.

“I’m only about to start my career, but I can tell It’s going to be very rewarding,” said Zepeda. “Everything we do positively impacts our patients and their families. As a respiratory therapist it’s amazing to see the improvements your work can make for someone who needs help and how we can make a difference in a life.”

He added that he hopes to continue making a difference as his career progresses, so he ultimately wants to pursue a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in the field or as a physician assistant.

“I got my start at TSC and I’m a proud alumnus. It has given me the motivation to keep going and aim high,” he said. “It is my second home, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a college, a career or to improve their skills. Your life can change at TSC and for the better.” 

For more information about TSC’s Respiratory Care Science program, or to register, visit tsc.edu. Fall 2021 classes begin August 23.

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