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Dr. Abreu, Pulmonologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist among First to Implement Electronic Medical Records

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Dr. Abreu, Pulmonologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist among First to Implement Electronic Medical Records

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Mega Doctor News

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez –

Dr. Ricardo Abreu is a Pulmonologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist. The services of a professional like him are very important for the survival and well being of the patient.

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These are physicians who study and treat diseases of the lungs, airways and chest, care for the very sick in critical care units, as well as treat sleep disorders.

It is important to say that Pulmonologists have internal medicine background with specialized training to treat pulmonary and sleep disorders.

Dr. Abreu as a pulmonologist that sees patients in the clinic and hospital. People see pulmonary specialists for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons include asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), tuberculosis, bronchitis, pleurisy and pneumonia.

Dr. Abreu and the team work closely with the patients’ primary care provider and often are part of a comprehensive care team which may include Cardiology, Hematology / Oncology, Infectious Disease, Rheumatology and Cardiothoracic Surgery.

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Dr. Abreu is a fanatic of technology and recognizes how computers and computer programs have helped for the care of patients.

He told Mega Doctor News, “I love computers. I had some training in computers and I also trained myself when I bought my first Dell Computer back in 1997.” He continued to say, “I was actually one of the first doctors with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in the Valley.”

He said that an EMR is a digital version of a paper chart in a clinician’s office. It contains the medical and treatment history of the patients in one practice. In addition he said, an EMR allows a clinician to track data over time, easily identify which patients are due for preventative screenings, check how patients are doing on certain parameters such as blood pressure readings or vaccines and monitor and improve overall quality of care within the practice.

Dr. Abreu is positively convinced that the keeping of medical records of a patient electronically is here to say. He said, “It makes the process of patient record-keeping easier, more accurate and comprehensive and more efficient.”

This is possibly one of the best tools Doctors use because the specialized software, which allows them to enter information electronically, and makes and patient’s complete history available immediately. Dr. Abreu also pointed out that the easiest part of all is that Physicians can use a desktop, laptop or electronic clipboard to navigate though patients’ charts and record notes.

Mega Doctor News believes that today, the implementation of the Electronic Medical Records program has record numbers among physicians; those who are not yet involved in the project are behind with technology and the accuracy in patient care.

With Dr. Abreu there are three doctors that have impressive credentials and collectively make a very strong medical team and they are as follow; Dr. Juan M. Ortiz; Dr. Adolfo Kaplan and Dr. Mario Gomez. Is important to say that Dr. Kaplan was Mega Doctor front cover feature story on July of 2010.

Dr. Ricardo Abreu practices from two offices at Pulmonary & Sleep Center of the Valley, in Weslaco and Edinburg. They are South Texas’ First Accredited Sleep Center. For an Appointment call (956) 447-5557  -or-  (956) 630-1000. MDN

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