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Diabetes Symptoms: What You Need to Know

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Knowing what to watch for could possibly save your life. Image for illustration purposes
Knowing what to watch for could possibly save your life. Image for illustration purposes

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If you have any of the following diabetes symptoms, see your doctor about getting your blood sugar tested:

  • Urinate (pee) a lot, often at night
  • Are very thirsty
  • Lose weight without trying
  • Are very hungry
  • Have blurry vision
  • Have numb or tingling hands or feet
  • Feel very tired
  • Have very dry skin
  • Have sores that heal slowly
  • Have more infections than usual

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

People who have type 1 diabetes may also have nausea, vomiting, or stomach pains. Type 1 diabetes can be diagnosed at any age, and symptoms can develop in just a few weeks or months and can be severe.

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes symptoms often take several years to develop. Some people don’t notice any symptoms at all. Type 2 diabetes usually starts when you’re an adult, though more and more children and teens are developing it. Because symptoms are hard to spot, it’s important to know the risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Make sure to visit your doctor if you have any of them.

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Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) usually doesn’t have any symptoms. If you’re pregnant, your doctor should test you for gestational diabetes between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. If needed, you can make changes to protect your health and your baby’s health.

Information Source: CDC

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