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Could Eating Strawberries Daily Improve Heart And Brain Health

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Consuming strawberries daily may have several health benefits. Image for illustration purposes
Consuming strawberries daily may have several health benefits. Image for illustration purposes

Medical News Today

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  • Berries, in general, are considered a superfood with many health benefits. 
  • Past studies have shown that berries help ease inflammation and help protect certain areas of the body, such as the gut microbiome and cardiovascular system.
  • San Diego State University researchers say eating an equivalent of two servings of strawberries daily can help improve cognitive function, lower blood pressure, and increase a person’s antioxidant capacity. 

Generally speaking, berriesTrusted Source are considered a superfood. That is because all berries — including acai berriesblueberriesblackberries, and raspberries — provide numerous health benefits.

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Information Source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com

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