Congressman Ruben Hinojosa with a reminder on Obamacare program

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He told Mega Doctor News that the White House has extended the deadline to sign up for health insurance for consumers who are already in line on to enroll but have not been able to complete their application due to high volume or a technical issue.

“If you begin your application, whether online, by phone, or in person before March 31st, you will be able to receive health coverage.  Don’t wait until the last minute if you do not have coverage and take advantage of this opportunity to get insurance, regardless of your previous health history.

He pointed out that for the first time ever; no one can be turned away when they apply for health insurance.  “In our communities, where many people do not have insurance and getting sick can risk a family’s financial stability, this is truly important.”

Hinojosa said to look at these points:

Key Points:

1. What happens to people in line HHS made clear that consumers in line when the deadline passes get helped.

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2. Complex Cases Case work – HHS made clear that complex cases that could take more time will be worked through without a disadvantage to the consumer.

And he urged, “Please do not hesitate to begin your health insurance application before the March 31st deadline.”

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Ruben Hinojosa
Member of Congress representing District 15th in South Texas.

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