Breaking News! South Padre Island announces reopening

Beautiful South Padre Island is now open for business under guidelines of the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott. South Texas, pack your bags and head to island.

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Patrick McNulty

South Padre Island, The City of South Padre Island announced that the Island has reopened with limitations beginning Saturday, April 25, 2020.

 As many return to the Island, everyone must continue to follow the Centers for Disease and Control Preventions, Governor’s and County’s guidelines to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“This has been an extremely difficult 6 weeks for the nation and even more so for our local economy, as it is dependent upon tourism,” said Patrick McNulty, mayor.

McNulty also stated “We are so excited that the light at the end of the tunnel continues to brighten and we welcome all of our visitors to return to the Island that they enjoy and love. I want to thank the community for understanding the necessary restrictions that were put in place to help flatten the curve.”

Currently allowed:

•          Beach activities broadened: chairs, lounging and sunbathing 

•          Multi-modal/Visitor Center and the Convention Centre Boardwalk 

•          Curbside retail

•          Hotels and Short-Term Rental agencies are encouraged to take non-essential reservations

South Padre Island is looking forward to opening the remaining businesses that are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the presidential briefings, it has been said that clean air and sun is good, and if you add the Gulf of Mexico even better. Let’s go all to the island and enjoy life! 

The checkpoint will continue to be operational during the evening.