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ALERT: RGV Healthcare Provider Patient Records Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks

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McAllen, Texas – Protecting Patient Data Is a Key Focus of South Texas Cyber Security Compliance Company. Electronic medical records are under attack.

In 2016, cyberattacks on healthcare providers soared by 63%, yet most providers are still not doing even the most basic cybersecurity tasks required by law. More than half of healthcare providers audited in 2016 had failed to complete a basic risk assessment and compliance audit, a main tenet of HIPAA, Medicare and Medicaid.

Although healthcare providers are required to maintain patient records according to state and federal regulations, navigating through the compliance auditing process is a formidable task. One Rio Grande Valley company is saving healthcare providers the hassle. By making the entire HIPAA compliance process easier, faster and less expensive, R3ST Healthcare Cyber Compliance Solutions is helping keep patient records safe while allowing providers to stay focused on the business of healthcare.

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Conducting an annual security risk analysis is a fundamental requirement of HIPAA Security Rule #69. R3ST Healthcare Cyber Compliance Solutions has made risk assessment and compliance a simple and uncomplicated process for healthcare providers. The R3ST cyber compliance process minimizes business interruptions and required staff time. The result of the analysis is a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment (SRA) that outlines each assessment gap or risk and provides a complete remediation plan.

“R3ST Healthcare Cyber Compliance Solutions gives healthcare providers a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of their organizations’ compliance,” says Scott Fuller, R3ST CEO. “The R3ST analysis also provides clear and actionable recommendations where needed.”

By making the process of risk assessment and compliance as simple and uncomplicated as possible for healthcare providers, R3ST Healthcare Cyber Compliance Solutions saves local providers substantial time and money. The R3ST team provides cyber compliance services and training to dozens of different healthcare providers in Texas and other states so they can meet HIPAA and other state and federal requirements.

Since 2015, the R3ST team has been coordinating directly with Health Check (a leader in the field of managed care auditing and revenue recovery for healthcare), by providing Health Check with Information Security consultation services, assisting with HIPAA audits and developing an Information Security plan in preparation for HITRUST certification later this year.

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“Anyone in the healthcare industry needs to conduct annual risk assessments for cyber compliance because staff needs to stay properly trained and infrastructure and processes need to remain secure from the bad guys,” says Wasanaa Smith, Health Check IT and Security Director. “Hackers are busy, and patient data that is not properly protected is vulnerable.”

A single data breach can be expensive for healthcare providers. Fines can be as high as $50,000 per event per day and can even result in the closure of facilities. Healthcare providers wanting to learn more about R3ST services or secure an audit with R3ST Healthcare Cyber Compliance Solutions are encouraged to call R3ST at 956-413-7001 or visit their website at R3ST.com.

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