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Aida Coronado Garcia’s Back to the Beginning, A Day of Leadership at Perkins Middle School     

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Aida Coronado Garcia, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for DHR Health Brownsville. Courtesy Image
Aida Coronado Garcia, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for DHR Health Brownsville. Courtesy Image
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By Roberto Hugo González

In a heartwarming return to roots, Aida Coronado Garcia, who has risen to the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for DHR Health Brownsville, recently had the distinct honor of stepping into the role of “Principal for a Day” at her alma mater, Perkins Middle School, located in the heart of the Brownsville Independent School District. This special initiative not only highlights the significance of community and educational engagement but also celebrates the achievements of former students who have gone on to make remarkable strides in their professional lives.

Coronado Garcia’s visit was more than just a ceremonial return; it was an interactive and insightful activity into the daily operations and challenges of running a middle school. Engaging with students, staff, and the school community, she gained a unique perspective on the educational environment today, contrasted with her memories as a student. Her presence was a bridge between the past and the present, offering both inspiration and real-world knowledge to the students of Perkins Middle School.

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Courtesy Image

The highlight of her day was the time spent in classrooms, where she shared her journey from a student in their very halls to a nurse practitioner and eventually to her current role overseeing the operations of DHR Health Brownsville. This newest addition to the community’s healthcare landscape provides a variety of medical services, underscoring the importance of healthcare accessibility and quality. Students were particularly curious about her experiences in the healthcare field, asking insightful questions that reflected their interest in her dual roles in healthcare administration and patient care.

Coronado Garcia’s interactions with the students were not just about sharing her professional journey but also about encouraging them to dream big and work hard. Her story proves the fact that with dedication and education, it is possible to achieve great things and contribute meaningly to one’s community.

DHR Health Brownsville, through this initiative, extends its heartfelt gratitude to Perkins Middle School for welcoming back a former student in such a prestigious capacity. The event served as a reminder of the vital role that education plays in shaping future leaders and the importance of giving back to one’s community. It was a day of celebration, learning, and inspiration for everyone involved, reinforcing the message that our beginnings are often the foundation for our future successes.

This event not only strengthened the ties between DHR Health Brownsville and the local community but also highlighted the importance of mentorship, leadership, and the continuous cycle of learning and giving back. Aida Coronado Garcia’s return to Perkins Middle School as “Principal for a Day” was a powerful demonstration of the impact that individuals can have on inspiring the next generation, making it a truly memorable experience for students and staff alike.

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