Using a 3D Printer, Edinburg Library Employees Create Protective Face Shields

Perfect Shield Created for First Responders

Mega Doctor NEWS

Employees from the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library have always been available to assist in any crisis. To keep our community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Library had to close its doors.  That did not stop the staff of the Edinburg library from trying to make a difference and supporting the City’s First responders and COVID-19 Task Force.  They did what they do best and started researching ways to help. Through a grant a few years ago, the Sekula Library received a 3D printer and staff members are now using that printer to create 3D printed Face Shields to help keep Edinburg’s First Responders safe.  

“The Library’s priority has always been the community. We are here to serve in any way possible and although this is not our traditional library service, it is a way to help and we are more than happy to do it,” said Library Director Letty Leija. 

With one small printer, they are now creating face shields to assist those on the front lines here in the City of Edinburg. Each shield takes about an hour to create, but the goal is to create 100 of them and get them to our first responders as soon as possible.