TMA Elects Abilene Physician President

Austin I. King, MD named Texas Medical Association president
Austin I. King, MD named Texas Medical Association president

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The Texas Medical Association (TMA) has elected Austin I. King, MD, of Abilene as its 149th president. TMA’s House of Delegates, the association’s policymaking body, elected Dr. King today during TMA’s annual conference in Fort Worth.

“I am honored to lead and advocate on behalf of the more than 47,000 physicians of TMA,” said Dr. King. “I look forward to working with our members to find ways to improve Texas’ health care.”

The Abilene otolaryngologist -an ear, nose, and throat specialist – described priorities for his year as TMA president. “Physicians and patients both are challenged by a dysfunctional health system, which tends to drive us apart,” he said. “It is only by working together that patients and their physicians can improve the system and make it work.”

As America’s health care system evolves, Dr. King said he believes TMA must continue to preserve the autonomy of physicians and the integrity of the patient-physician relationship. “We often cannot control change,” he said, “but we can control how we respond. I believe patients and physicians must come together to reclaim health care. Only together can we face the challenge of improving health care for future generations.” MDN