South Padre Island to Set Up Checkpoint to Enforce Order

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South Padre Island, TX – The City of South Padre Island will always put the community’s well-being first and will implement measures to safeguard the community. The County’s Shelter in place order shall remain in place until rescinded, this will most likely be in place through the end of April but could extend into May.

Due to an increase in traffic that has been entering the Island and the numerous calls from concerned citizens, the City will now enforce a checkpoint that all vehicles will be subject to, beginning on Friday, April 3. In addition, extra cameras will be utilized to monitor traffic safety and beach activity. 

The South Padre Island Police Department has worked with the Texas Department of Transportation, District Attorney’s office and other law enforcement agencies to establish this checkpoint.

“Unfortunately, there are hotels, vacation rental companies and individuals that have encouraged travelers to come to the Island and this is putting our community at risk,” said Mayor McNulty. “People spread the virus, and everyone should stay home unless absolutely necessary. The County Judge’s Shelter in Place Order is very specific as to Essential Travel. If one decides to travel, it is in their best interest to follow the Essential Travel Orders.”

“We as city are very thankful for the operators of hotels and vacation rentals that are following the Essential Travel Orders, as the sacrifice is great, but without it, the risks of a COVID-19 spread are much greater.”

McNulty also stated “The intent of the County’s order is to stay home. There have been many inquiries asking “if” they can do things and if you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t leave the house. This is not a time to be looking for loopholes in the orders. The faster we can work together, the faster this horrible time will be over.”