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Norma Guevara’s Journey to Secure a Grant for Hope Clinic

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Norma Guevara. Photo Roberto Hugo González for illustration purposes
Norma Guevara. Photo Roberto Hugo González for illustration purposes
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By Roberto Hugo González

In McAllen, Texas, a story of generosity and community support demonstrated the profound impact one individual can have on many lives. Norma Guevara, the Director of Sales and Catering at the Radisson in McAllen, recently shared with Texas Border Business the heartwarming journey of securing a significant grant for the Hope Clinic, a vital resource for the underserved populations in the Rio Grande Valley.

The journey began with the Choice Hotels’ Your Community, Your Choice Program, an initiative to empower hotel owners and associates to make a tangible difference in their local communities by supporting non-profit organizations. Among the 15 grants awarded annually, Guevara saw an opportunity to make a real difference and applied for a grant on behalf of the Hope Clinic.

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“It was a moment of immense pride when we were announced as one of the 15 recipients,” Norma recounted. “Presenting this grant to the Hope Clinic is not just about the funds; it’s about recognizing and supporting the essential services they provide to our community.”

From left to right, Cesar Guerra and Cindy Beltran are board members. Roxanne Ramirez, Executive Director, Norma Guevara, Omar Guevara from Radisson Hotel, and board member Jessica Martin. Photo Roberto Hugo González. 

Norma responded with genuine concern and community spirit when asked what motivated her to undertake the additional work required to secure the grant. The Hope Clinic, operating without federal funding, relies heavily on community donations and fundraisers. The clinic’s commitment to serving the elderly and the indigent struck a chord with Guevara, especially since Roxanne Ramirez, the clinic’s Executive Director, is a close friend and figure she greatly admires for her dedication to the community.

“Their mission resonated with me deeply,” Norma explained. “It was clear that we needed to support them in any way we could to ensure they can continue their invaluable work.”

Norma remains optimistic about the future and is steadfastly committed to applying for grants and seeking additional support for the Hope Clinic. Her message is one of collective action and the power of community involvement.

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“More people should look into the Hope Clinic and find ways to support it. It’s about coming together as a community to help those in need,” she emphasized.

The donation of a $5,000 grant to the Hope Family Health Center by The Radisson McAllen Airport Hotel marks a significant achievement under the Your Community, Your Choice Program from Choice Hotels International. Launched in 2019, the program fosters a culture of giving and community engagement among hotel owners and associates.

Community HOPE Projects Inc., doing business as Hope Family Health Center, is a real hope for many families in the Rio Grande Valley. The organization is critical in supporting the uninsured and underserved populations by providing primary medical, counseling, integrated behavioral health, peer support services, case management, and wellness programs.

Through the efforts of individuals like Norma Guevara and the support of local businesses, the Hope Clinic continues to thrive, offering essential services to those in need. Guevara’s story is an example of the impact of compassion and community engagement, showcasing how a single act of kindness can ripple through a community, bringing hope and healing to many. Norma Guevara is a champion in this community!

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