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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Governor Abbott Mobilizes Texas National Guard In Response To Tropical Storms Marco, Laura

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AUSTIN – At the order of Governor Greg Abbott, more than 70 members with the Texas Army, Air National Guards, and Texas State Guard with the Texas Military Department (TMD) have been activated and are prepositioning throughout the state of Texas ahead of Tropical Storm Marco and Tropical Storm Laura. Additional personnel remains ready to respond in impacted areas as needed.

Multiple Texas Army National Guard ground transportation teams with high profile vehicles are currently moving to support local and state agencies. Currently, UH-60 Blackhawks and UH-72 Lakota aircrews have been alerted at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and San Antonio to assist with any emergency search and rescue or emergency evacuations. Additionally, Texas State Guard service members stand ready to provide assistance with local shelter and logistical operations in the affected counties.

Governor Greg Abbott

“As Tropical Storms Marco and Laura approach Texas, the state is mobilizing the Texas National Guard to assist local, state, and federal officials in response to these storms,” said Governor Abbott. “As the situation develops, it is imperative that Texans who live on the Gulf Coast and in Southeast Texas pay close attention to weather alerts and heed warnings from local officials. Property and belongings can be restored, but lives cannot. I call on all Texans who may be in harm’s way to put their safety and their family’s lives above all else and adhere to the guidance and warnings from emergency management officials.”

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Adjutant General Of Texas, Maj. Gen. Tracy R. Norris

“Storm season is always full of surprises for Texas and for our fellow states on the Gulf of Mexico, as seen in this instance by these two storms being in the Gulf simultaneously,” said the Adjutant General of Texas, Maj. Gen. Tracy R. Norris. “We are pre-positioned to assist Texans in need, and to mobilize in support of our neighbors if requested.”

TMD has trained for rescue operations in a COVID-19 environment has strategically placed personal protective equipment (PPE) with aviation assets around Texas. TMD will continue to work with local and state agencies by providing additional personnel and equipment as needed.

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