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Dr. Humberto Nuñez Sexual Medicine Specialist Offers a Solution for Impotence

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 Only For Men Health Clinic and Medical Spa. We treat low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexually transmitted diseases, platelet rich plasma therapy, and offer Botox and filler treatments as well as weight management solutions, and Hair restoration treatments. All male staff.

Only For Men Health Clinic and Medical Spa.
We treat low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexually transmitted diseases, platelet rich plasma therapy, and offer Botox and filler treatments as well as weight management solutions, and Hair restoration treatments.
All male staff.

Uses the Priapus Shot and Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®), Proven Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction

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By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

Humberto Nuñez is a medical doctor board certified in family medicine providing important health services for men and women. Dr. Nuñez practices at Only For Men Health Clinic and Medical Spa in McAllen, but now it is also open for women on Wednesdays.

He has built a respectable reputation and his patients trust him with the most intimate issues of their sexual health. Dr. Nuñez said, “Male sexual health is our specialty.” In addition Dr. Nuñez also specializes in family medicine.

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Sometimes people, men or women are shy to discuss their sexual issues. Often men do not even know that erectile dysfunction is treatable successfully and because they don’t know or are embarrassed, they opt not to ask.

Dr. Nuñez says that today that is changing. “Now with so much information easily available, people tend to research in the hope of finding a solution to their problem.”

The solution is easy to find, but to apply, that is another matter. That is why you need to consult a doctor that specializes in this field, with enough experience that can tell you how the treatments will follow step by step.

Dr. Nuñez says that in his experience, “At least 50 to 70% of women ask how we can improve intimacy with their mate”. There are several treatments available, including oral medications like Cialis or Viagra, TRIMIX injections, PRIAPUS shot and if it is needed, we offer counseling with a Sex therapist. The first step is to ask questions, don’t be shy.

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Dr. Nuñez stands firmly behind his promise that “Only For Men Health Clinic and Medical Spa” offers what no other men’s health clinic in the Rio Grande Valley can offer. They have outstanding service, experience, and the best therapies with favorable results.

He said, “We understand that sexual health problems affect every man differently. Thus, we provide individualized therapy tailored to your needs. Because sexual dysfunction is a complicated matter, your care should be directed as such.” He continued to say, “We are here to help our patients restore a fantastic, enjoyable, and youthful sex life. Together, we can help you realize your best potential.”

Dr. Nuñez has seen just about everything related to this problem, he says that sexual dysfunction symptoms may include: persistent trouble getting an erection, trouble keeping an erection, or reduced sexual desire.

In your case, in order to find out which treatment applies to you, first you have to visit with a doctor, preferably with one that has the experience and the ability to restore your sexual life.

Sexual dysfunction is not only a problem for men but also for women. They also suffer the symptoms and because of this reason, Dr. Nuñez dedicated Wednesdays exclusively for women. The decision for him was simple; “It was due to a high demand for women seeking treatments for Sexual Dysfunction that we opened an exclusive day just for them.” He added, “We also offer esthetics and skin treatments.”

Dr. Nuñez treats different female sexual dysfunction problems, including Low Sexual Desire, Sexual Arousal Disorder, Orgasmic Disorder, and Sexual Pain Disorder. He said, “We offer the O-SHOT, a new treatment for Sexual Dysfunction for women, it also helps with Urinary Incontinence.’ He encourages women to stop by his office and get a book explaining the procedure for free.

Dr. Nuñez said that The Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®) procedure is a very specific method of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the vagina to help relieve urinary incontinence and sex problems in women. Physicians using this treatment must be qualified and licensed to do the procedure; Dr. Nuñez is certified and authorized to do it.

Dr. Nuñez says that there are several cultures. “If I give medication for erectile dysfunction but the patient has diabetes that is not controlled, or hypertension that is not controlled, the medication that I give them is not going to work.” He continued, “I always say that they also need to treat the problems causing erectile dysfunction in order for the medication to work.”

He says this is a general concept for everything. “You don’t diet, and do not exercise then your medical problem is not going to get under control.”

The success of his practice is because of the success of his male patients. “When I improved the sexual health of the male patients, then they say that the partner also has some problems, so I started seeing female patients too.”

Dr. Nuñez has received special training in this field. He said, “No one is doing procedures in the Valley, for example, the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment (PRP) in erectile dysfunction or female sexual dysfunction is exclusive to us in the Valley.”

The challenge he faces is the culture of the patient. “There is a lot of ‘Machista’ behavior; they don’t accept in the beginning that they need help to improve their sexual activity.” He said, “But then when they seek medical attention, and they learn that everybody can have this problem they feel more confident when they come here.”

His immediate plans are to continue growing as a physician in the medical field as a sexual specialist. “I always like to acquire more knowledge, and that is something I will always do.” He said, “I want to grow as a specialist and probably open more clinics in the future, the community needs the services.”

Concerning technology, Dr. Nuñez admires the fact that his patients research their situation and often bring solutions to the table. But that does not alter the preliminary work that he has to do in order to find the problem and prescribe the right treatment.

Dr. Nuñez was born in Lima, Peru to Humberto Nuñez and mother is Gudelia Uriburu. “My father instilled in me the need for perseverance and my mother taught me to always help others.”

“I attended medical school in Peru at the University of San Marcos in 1996. I had done internal medicine in Peru before I came to the United States.” Dr. Nuñez did his residency in McAllen Medical, at the McAllen Family Medicine Residency Program. He said, “I finished the residency in family medicine, and I worked as a hospitalist. I am still working as a hospitalist.”

“I’m trained in sexual medicine. I went to the European School of Sexual Medicine and then I took the board for the fellowship. I’m a fellow of the European Committee for Sexual Medicine, my passion in medicine is the sexual medicine.”

Mega Doctor News asked what brought him to the Valley? “It was when I was applying for the residency. I have two very good friends here that were from my medical school, so they told me to apply for the residency here and it turned out that they had an open position and I decided to stay.” Dr. Nuñez says what he likes about the Valley is, “The weather is similar to that of Lima and the fact that everybody speaks Spanish, so I felt at home.”

He said that he was inspired to become a doctor by his grandfather Emilio Uriburu on his mother’s side when he was about seven years old.

The satisfaction he gets from his profession is that his patients’ feel better. “Sometimes I have patients that say doctor, you have saved my marriage.”

Dr. Nuñez has been married to Katia for the last ten years. He met her at a party; he was introduced by his sister Yaruska who studied Accounting with her at the University. According to him it was love at first sight. “She is the love of my life and my best friend,” he said.

To get rid of stress, Dr. Nuñez loves to play with his kids, Constanza and Fernando. “When I try to relax myself, I run with them, and they run with me; we are chasing each other playing hide and seek,” he said.

He said that he wouldn’t change anything about his life, not today or the past. But he remembers when he was about to be recruited to become a member of the most prominent soccer team in Peru. “A man came to our door and knocked. Since my mother had instructed us never to open the door to strangers, I opened a window, and the man said. ‘I saw you play. Would you like to be part of Alianza Lima? He said, “I was not aware that my mother was standing behind me and she responded, “No, he doesn’t have time, he needs to study to become a doctor.” She ordered me to close the window and that was the extent of a possible sports career.”

Dr. Nuñez has been in the Valley since 2005 and loves to read, mostly medical studies or articles and says the most important people in his life are his family. He told Mega Doctor News that he would like to be remembered “as someone that helped his patients”.

“We treat all of our patients with the utmost professionalism, dignity, and privacy. Only For Men Health Clinic and Medical Spa is the only clinic in the Lower Rio Grande Valley dedicated exclusively to men’s sexual health and now women. Make an appointment today, and experience guaranteed results!” he concluded

Dr. Humberto Nuñez has been selected as the Mega Doctor for the month of January 2015 because of his dedication to bringing solutions to sexual dysfunction in couples. Many prefer to shy away from the topic because of embarrassment. But today, Dr. Nuñez makes a convincing statement that impotence is treatable and can change your life to a happier one.

You can visit with Dr. Humberto Nuñez at the Only For Men Health Clinic and Medical Spa located at 1309 E. Nolana Ave. Suite B in McAllen, TX 78504 or you can call (956) 213-8590 for an appointment.

Written by Roberto Hugo Gonzalez, the 2009 SBA Journalist of the Year award winner and the 2009 and 2012 Paul Harris Fellow award recipient. MDN


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