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DHR Health launches “DHR Digital Health” to the Rio Grande Valley

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DHR Digital Health offers confidential video conferencing appointments to the community

DHR Digital Health offers confidential videoconferencing appointments to the community. Image for illustration purposes. By Pressmaster

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Edinburg, Texas – DHR Health has developed DHR Digital Health, a dedicated telemedicine division to meet the demands of the community.  DHR Digital Health offers a remote clinical engagement system readily available to care for the needs of patients in the Rio Grande Valley.  Patients who are feeling ill, or need to consult with a physician, but prefer to stay home instead of visiting a clinic, can benefit from DHR Digital Health by communicating symptoms to a healthcare provider via mobile phone, tablet, computer or any electronic device.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, DHR Digital Health visits are quickly becoming a great support for patients and healthcare providers.  DHR Digital Health is convenient for non-life-threatening medical issues such as a rash, sprain, sinus, cold and flu, insect bites, fever, sore throats, diarrhea, pink eye and is highly recommended for those wanting to practice social distancing.  With the convenience of using an iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer with a camera and microphone, physicians are able to conduct consultations, provide clinical care, prescriptions, and lab results, all in real time, without stepping foot into a physician’s office.  

Options for health care are expanding at DHR Health and connecting with a medical provider through DHR Digital Health is quick, easy and affordable. When a patient call to any of our DHR Health Clinics, a phone attendant will send a text message with a link and provide instructions to obtaining a live appointment.  DHR Digital Health is not suitable for emergency situations like a heart attack or stroke. Life-threatening symptoms that require immediate attention should be handled by a physician in person or by calling 911.    

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Whether a patient lives in a remote area, or prefers to stay home, care is provided securely, safely, and in the comfort of home, office, or while on the go.

To schedule your DHR Digital Health appointment, please call DHR Health Urgent Care at (956) 362-5030 or search for a DHR Health Clinic at www.dhrhealth.com/services.  To learn more about the DHR Digital Health telemedicine division, please visit our DHR Health website at www.dhrhealth.com.  

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