Coronavirus on the border: Why Mexico has so few cases compared with the U.S.

Migrants seeking U.S. work visas stand outside in Monterrey, Mexico, last week after being evicted from their hotel, which local authorities said was too crowded. (Daniel Becerril/Reuters)

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By Mary Beth Sheridan 

MEXICO CITY — The U.S.-Mexico border has long been a region of contrasts. But people in both countries are puzzling over the latest one: The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus on the Mexican side is just a small fraction of the U.S. count.

On Sunday, confirmed cases in California topped 6,200, compared with just 23 in Baja California. Arizona had 919 cases, dwarfing the 14 in neighboring Sonora. New Mexico reported 237 cases; in Chihuahua state, there were six.

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