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CNA program serves as first step toward successful nursing careers

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BISD Adult Education student Karla Aguirre graduated last week with her certificate from TSC’s CNA program. Courtesy Image
BISD Adult Education student Karla Aguirre graduated last week with her certificate from TSC’s CNA program. Courtesy Image

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Karla Aguirre moved to the United States two years ago with her family and dreams of pursuing a career in the health care field. 

This week, she was able to see one of those dreams come true as a graduate of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program at Texas Southmost College. 

The 30-year-old is a Brownsville Independent School District Adult Education program student who was one of nearly 30 students who earned certificates of completion during one of three CNA program pinning ceremonies. 

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During these ceremonies, students from the Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District and Jubilee Brownsville also graduated. 

“I’m so excited and happy about beginning this new chapter in my life,” said the Matamoros native. “I was pursuing health studies in Mexico, so to be given the opportunity here in the states, is a huge steppingstone for me.” 

Aguirre worked as a health care provider while living in Mexico. She knew helping others and promoting wellness was her calling, even though moving to the U.S. brought challenges. 

“It took time for me to validate my high school diploma from Mexico so I wouldn’t have to start all over,” said Aguirre. “But it was well worth it, because here I am, confident, prepared and ready for a future in nursing.” 

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Los Fresnos High School senior Dariana Aguirre graduated this last week with her certificate from TSC’s CNA program. Courtesy Image

It’s been a different path for Los Fresnos High School senior and CNA graduate Dariana Aguirre. The 18-year-old started working toward a career in health care as a high school freshman saying it was her grandfather’s words during his battle with cancer that inspired her, so TSC’s CNA program was an opportunity she could not pass up during her last year in high school.

“I would take care of my grandpa, giving him his medicine and making sure he was comfortable and always well taken care of,” said Dariana. “He would call me his ‘little nurse,’ so to make that vision come true at only 18, is a proud moment. This is for him.”

Adding that she is prepared and confident to enter the field, Dariana said she plans on completing her certifying exams in the coming months to begin working as a CNA as soon as she graduates from high school. 

“From lectures to clinicals, this program has prepared me and given me the confidence to start working…I’m ready,” she said. “But I’m not stopping here.” 

Dariana plans on continuing her education and perhaps become a registered nurse, but said she also has interest in becoming a physical therapist, so she is keeping her options and her mind open. 

As for Aguirre, she plans to return to TSC to pursue a certificate in vocational nursing before working toward her goal of becoming a registered nurse.

TSC CNA trainer Maria Celia De La Garza said every student who graduated this week is on the right path toward fulfilling their goal of having a successful career in health care. 

“This week we celebrated their success, their achievements and we can’t wait to see where this path takes them,” she said. “Many have gone on to become nurses, physician assistants and even doctors. I’m so proud of each and every one of them.” 

For more information about TSC’s Certified Nursing Assistant program, visit tsc.edu/wtce.  

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