URGENT CALL – High Demand for Blood from Recovered Covid-19 Patients


Mega Doctor News

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

Just as there is a race for a vaccine that prevents Covid-19, there is also a race for collection of convalescent plasma. DHR Health Institute for Research and Development is leading an effort of innovative research in the Rio Grande Valley for early diagnosis and effective treatment of COVID-19. 

Dr. Sohail Rao MD, MA, D.Phil
Dr. Sohail Rao MD, MA, D.Phil

They are looking for participants who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate a small amount of blood for this vital research. 

Dr. Sohail Rao MD, MA, D.Phil, President and Chief Executive Officer at DHR-Institute for Research & Development, reached out to Mega Doctor News to request for coverage of this great need.

He said, “This is an URGENT CALL – High Demand for Blood from Recovered Covid-19 Patients is needed.” He continued, “There is no cost to participants, and if eligible, you will be provided with compensation for your participation in this study.”

Dr. Rao pointed out that there has been an increase in COVID-19 positive cases in the Valley. With the absence of a therapeutic drug, convalescent plasma is needed to cure patients severely ill. 

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“This is the only therapeutic tool that’s available at present,” he said. 

He explained that two types of individuals could donate; those who have been previously infected and cured of COVID-19. Second; those who have been exposed to an individual who was previously infected. 

“Both of those individuals developed in their bodies antibodies, which are their immune system response.” He continued, “Those antibodies are the ones that we are looking for to treat patients with severe and life-threatening COVID-19 infection.” 

So, this is an URGENT CALL for those individuals that have the antibodies that could save lives.

Even though this is an initiative started by DHR-Institute for Research & Development, DHR is not doing it alone. The effort is by six hospitals in the region. 

Dr. Roa said that they created a consortium for the treatment and other diagnoses, prevention, and for the treatment of COVID-19.

He said, the hospitals participating are DHR Health, Rio Grande Regional, Valley Baptist Harlingen, Valley Baptist Brownsville, Valley Regional Brownsville, and Mission Regional.

“We are working closely with Hidalgo County and Cameron County; this is a Valley-wide initiative.”

Dr. Roa said, “With the recent increase in the COVID-19 infections in the Valley. We are desperate for more plasma because what we are seeing is more patients who are coming into the hospital who are severely sick with a life-threatening COVID-19 infection and with no drug available.”

He added that the only solution available is the convalescent plasma to treat these patients successfully. 

“At present, we are borrowing plasma from a national stockpile, so we need more participation from the local public; which can help defeat this formidable enemy.” If you are interested in participating, please call 956-362-2390. This is an URGENT CALL – High Demand for Blood from Recovered Covid-19 Patients.