Los Angeles Casting Company is Looking for Talent


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By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

Nehemiah Blair, Casting Associate from Los Angeles is in charge of doing Casting Research with a TV production company called GRB Entertainment in Los Angeles CA. “We develop and produce TV shows for networks like A&E, Bravo, National Geographic, WETV, History Channel, and many others,” he told Mega Doctor News. He went on to say that he came across our contact information and wanted to touch base with us regarding a new project.

Blair is currently casting nationwide for development purposes, a docu-series featuring a Hispanic family, family run business or group of friends. The Texas and San Diego areas are their ideal locations but they are open to elsewhere.

“Several English-speaking networks such as A&E, ABC, and Bravo have asked us to create and develop what would be the first docu-series starring a Hispanic family that would air on an English Speaking channel,” he said.

He pointed out that ideally, they would like to find a family or family run business that is bilingual and fairly affluent. “We’re looking for people that have big, fun, and dynamic personalities but are loving and supportive like Duck Dynasty.”  Blair said not to be looking for intense fighting or drama, however they would like to find people who are fun and playful. “This is an exciting project as I think it would really break social barriers and be an amazing cultural crossover platform. To date, there has not been anything like this on a mainstream English-speaking network.”

According to him, they are trying to get the word out about this casting. That is why Mega Doctor News is also helping to reach out to everyone by asking, if you have any personal referrals for families or businesses that would be a good fit for this kind of project, this is could be a great opportunity.

To our readers: Any help you can offer in spreading the word to your friends, colleagues or group members would be greatly appreciated. In this issue of Mega Doctor News, you will find a display advertisement that will provide you with more information about this casting.

Blair also said, “This is a great opportunity for the right people and we are excited to bring Hispanic programming to a mainstream audience.” Please take a look at their website www.grbtv.com.  MDN