If Urine Could Talk


This is what it would say about its color

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1Pale Yellow Urine:

Healthy urine is 96% water, with just a few other waste products. If your urine were in a bottle, you should be able to read a paper or a pad computer you hold on the other side of it.

2Completely Clear:

Did you take “pee pills” or diuretics? Rarely, it can result from diabetes insipidus. Completely clear urine is extremely diluted, so it is very probable you drank too much water.

3Orange or Dark Yellow:

The most common cause is dehydration. Orange urine can also be a sign of hepatitis. Do you eat too much food with beta-carotene?

4Bright, Neon-Yellow Urine:

Usually, this is a result of vitamin or nutritional supplements overdoes. Your body cannot store large amounts of vitamin B2, so the excess tends to be excreted all at once.

5Blue Urine:

Have you consumed food made with blue dyes, such as frosting or candy? Blue urine is also caused by the use of methylene blue, which is injected in case of accidental poisoning with cyanide or used to treat urinary tract infections.

6Green Urine:

Most commonly the result of bacteria, transferred to the urinary tract when toilet paper is applied with a forward motion rather than a backward motion. People who have liver cancer can have green urine. People who drink huge amounts of green tea can have green urine – it is noted after toxic exposure to pesticide paraquat.

The anesthetic Propofol can cause green urine, as can medications for Parkinson’s disease.

7Purple Urine:

Purple urine usually results from a disease called porphyria, which affects about 30,000 people, mostly in the UK and South Africa. Porphyria was the cause of the infamous “madness of King George” III of Britain.

8Red or Pink Urine:

Reddish urine is most common due to bleeding in the urinary tract, which can be caused by kidney stones, blows to the kidneys or bladder, or, in rare cases, cancer of the bladder or kidneys.

9Brown or Black Urine:

Eating certain kinds of beans, especially fava beans or velvet beans, causes darkening of the urine because of their dopamine content. Certain medications for Parkinson’s disease likewise have this effect. Taking laxatives made with Senna (in the US and UK, Sennecot) can also darken the urine.

10Cloudy or White Urine:

Cloudy urine usually indicates a bacterial infection. Men sometimes have cloudy or foamy urine after sex, or when they are abstinent from ejaculation for long periods.

11Foamy Urine:

Foamy urine can result from the same causes as cloudy urine, or it can indicate spillover of protein from severely diseased kidneys.


Outside Impacts:

It can be alarming to see blood-red urine in the toilet bowl, or green, blue, cloudy. Most of the time, however, there’s a non-threatening explanation for the urine that comes in all the colors of the rainbow. Some medications, laxatives, chemotherapy drugs, and even food can change the color of your urine.

Talk To Your Doctor, If:

  • Urine color change lasts longer than a couple of days.
  • You keep seeing the same color in your urine.