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Behavioral Hospital at DHR hosts free seminars and screening

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In celebration of May Mental Health Month  

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Edinburg, TX—Behavioral Hospital at Renaissance invites the community to join in recognition of May Mental Health Month. This year’s theme, “Before Stage 4,” —calls attention to the importance addressing mental health symptoms early, identifying potential underlying diseases, and planning an appropriate course of action on a path towards overall health. Mental health conditions should be treated long before they reach the most critical points in the disease process—before Stage 4. 

By Stage 4 of a mental health condition, the combination of extreme, prolonged, and persistent symptoms and impairment often results in development of other health conditions. In this stage, the health condition has the potential to turn into a crisis event like unemployment, hospitalization, homelessness or even incarceration. In the worst cases, untreated mental illnesses can lead to loss of live an average of 25 years early.

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“When we think about cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, we don’t wait years to treat them,” said Dr. Jose Igoa, Behavioral Hospital at Renaissance Medical Director. “We start before the end stage—we begin with prevention. So why don’t we do the same for individuals who are dealing with potentially serious mental illness?” 

One in five American adults will have a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year yet only 41% of them will receive treatment[i]. Moreover, 50% of Americans will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition sometime in their life, with first onset usually in childhood or adolescence[ii]. Therefore, Dr. Igoa asserts, “This Mental Health Month, we are encouraging everyone to learn the signs, ask for help if needed, address symptoms early, and plan an appropriate course of action on a path towards overall health.”

One of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition is to take a mental health screening. In celebration of Mental Health Month, Behavioral Hospital at Renaissance will host several free events, including educational seminars and mental health screenings.

Free Educational Seminars (6:00 PM, Behavioral Hospital at Renaissance)

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–        May 20 – Diagnosis and Treatment of PTSD – Dr. Elisa Garza Sanchez

–        May 27 – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A New Treatment for Depression – Dr. Jose Irigoyen 

Free Mental Health Screenings (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Behavioral Hospital at Renaissance)

–        May 10-16 – Adolescents

–        May 17-23 – Adults

–        May 24-30 – Senior Adults

All screenings and seminars will take place at Behavioral Hospital at Renaissance, located at 5510 Raphael Drive in Edinburg, TX. For more information and to register, call 956-362-4357.

“When feelings and emotions get overwhelming, it’s hard to know what to do,” Dr. Igoa said. “Sometimes, these early symptoms might not ever become serious. Like a cough, they often go away on their own, and are nothing to fear. But sometimes, they are a sign of something more severe and shouldn’t be ignored. Taking a screening is the first step to protect your mental health, and addressing mental illness before Stage 4.”

Research shows that by ignoring symptoms, we lose ten years in which we could intervene in order to change people’s lives for the better. During those years most people still have supports that allow them to succeed—home, family, friends, school, and work. Intervening effectively during early stages of mental illness can save lives and change the trajectories of people living with mental illnesses.

Mental illnesses are not only common, they are treatable. There is a wide variety of treatment options for mental illnesses ranging from talk therapy to medication to peer support, and it may take some time for a person to find the right treatment or combination of treatments that works best for them. But when they do, the results can be truly amazing and life changing. Behavioral Hospital at Renaissance wants to help people learn what they can do both to protect their mental health and know the signs of mental illness Before Stage 4. To learn more about the free seminars and screenings hosted by Behavioral Hospital at Renaissance, call 956-362-HELP (4357).

“Prevention, early identification and intervention, and integrated services work,” concluded Dr. Igoa. “When you address symptoms before Stage 4, people can often recover quickly, and live full and productive lives.

About Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month was started 66 years ago by Mental Health America to raise awareness about mental health conditions and the importance of good mental health for everyone. For more information about Mental Health America and Mental Health Month, visit www.mentalhealthamerica.net/may.

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